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Mike Ausiello

Michael Ausiello

Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Ausiello on Grey's, Lost, Smallville, Tree Hill and More!
George Clooney by Jemal Countess/; Matthew Fox by Art Streiber/ABC; Michael Rosenbaum by Lorenzo Agius/The CWGeorge Clooney; Matthew Fox; Michael Rosenbaum
Question: I've been in London for four weeks and have dropped your name multiple times to Brits obsessed with Lost. Surely, recruiting overseas Ausholes earns the name of the person on the freighter! — Elizabeth
Ausiello: Actually, it earns you something even better: some exclusive casting prattle! I have it on good authority that Nestor Carbonell has inked a deal to reprise his role as ageless island dweller Richard in at least one of this season's final five episodes. In confirming the news, exec producer Carlton Cuse (i.e., the good authority I spoke of earlier) described the former Cane thesp as "a tremendous actor" whose "return will lead to some very interesting revelations."
Question: For my sanity's sake, please tell me the "Bubble Show About to Burst" is not Moonlight. — Nicole
Ausiello: Oh, that reminds me. I promised you guys a major clue, didn't I? Hmmm… let's see…. I can confirm that the bubble show at the center of my latest blind item is not Moonlight. Or any other show on CBS, for that matter.
Question: Now that we know that Meredith and Derek will be getting back together on Grey's Anatomy, any idea on how it'll happen and why the fans have to endure five more episodes of Nurse Plot Device? — Shari
Ausiello: I imagine the reason you have to endure Nurse Plot Device Rose for five more episodes is because A) the show already agreed to pay Lauren Stamile for those episodes, and B) Nurse Plot Device Rose is probably one of the catalysts bringing Mer-Der back together. In related news, new details are emerging about the first episode back on April 24 and they vary slightly from what I reported last week. I'm told that roughly six weeks will have passed, not "several months." And the first scene will most likely take place at Seattle Grace, not at the end of Derek and Rose's latest date. Damn script revisions!
Question: Grey's scoop — please, sir, may I have some more? — Oliver Twisted
Ausiello: And how. Get this: Grey's is out to get George Clooney! Well, a George Clooney type, at least, to appear in two episodes. The show also is on the hunt for an actress to play the hunk's wife, who, though younger, is no Sarah Larson; she's more of an everywoman housewife, minus the desperate. Me, I'm thinking American Dreams alum Rachel Boston? So what if she was already on the show — bring her back! You got a better idea? Post 'em here!
Question: I just read your item about the MILF Island episode on 30 Rock. I am an actress in NYC, and have been cast as the lead MILF. We will be shooting this week. I have another meeting today with the producers — I guess they need to see my bikini. I will keep you posted! — Nancy
Ausiello: Please do! And if you bump into Jack McBrayer, tell him I was in the second row at Sunday's 7:30 Asssscat show and he was highlarious. If he doesn't believe you, tell him the special words were "cake" and "buffet."
Question: Can I book you for this coming weekend? It's my birthday and I'd love to discuss Grey's! Do you accept Visa? — Danielle
Ausiello: I'll be covering the Paley Festival this weekend. If you live in the L.A. area, I might be able to get away for a few hours to "discuss Grey's" on the evening of the 17th. Let me know.*
Question: I am excited for next week's 100th episode of One Tree Hill and I know deep down you are, too. — Elder
Ausiello: I'm so excited that the second the screener arrived, I handed it off to my colleague Robyn Ross, who proceeded to jump up and down for 10 minutes straight before passing out. She eventually came to, watched the episode at her desk, and filed this spoiler-laced report: 

• Haley and Nathan’s worst nightmare comes true when two people from their past return.
• Karen reappears with a former series regular.
• Lucas and Lindsey's wedding ends with **** *n* of **** ***ing "* **."
• One of the four main girls tells Lucas she wants to have his baby — and it's not who you think.

Question: Any Law & Order: SVU scoop? It's been forever! — Indigo
Ausiello: Production is about to commence on the show's landmark 200th episode and I hear it's going to be huge.
Question: That's awesome that you're moderating the Friday Night Lights panel at the Paley Festival on March 19. Can I come as your guest? — Derek
Ausiello: You sure can't! You are, however, cordially invited to e-mail me burning questions for the cast and/or exec producers Jason Katims and Jeffrey Reiner, and I'll do my best to get them answered. Just do me a solid and put "FNL Paley Qs" in the subject line. And feel free to give me a Coach Taylor-inspired pep talk, because if I'm half as nervous on the day of the event as I am right now, I'm liable to toss my cookies right there onstage.
Question: What happened to the Brothers & Sisters show that's usually shown on Boston's Channel 5 on Sunday evenings at 10 pm? — Lorraine
Ausiello: Well, if it's the same Brothers & Sisters show that airs on New York's Channel 7 at 10 pm, then I believe it went off the air due to the writers' strike and is due back on April 20 with the first of four wallop-packin' episodes. And if you think that's just empty hyperbole, you obviously didn't sit in on my recent interview with B&S exec producers Alison Schapker and Monica Breen. For starters, the issue of Rebecca's paternity is "one of the main questions" that drives the final four episodes, teases Schapker, who adds that there's a shocking twist involving Rebecca and Justin "that no one is going to see coming." In other words, the twist that we have seen coming all these months? It's bigger than that. If you've got any theories, by all means, enlighten me in the Ask Ausiello Discussion Thread, 'cause I got nothin'.
Question: You recently posted about one of the Walkers finding themselves at the "center of an intervention, of sorts." Any more hints as to whom this tidbit concerns? — Scott
Ausiello: Let's just say that Justin, Sarah, Kitty, Kevin and Balthazar Getty find out about Nora's plans to pack up and move away with Isaac, and they're a wee bit worried.
Question: Your vodcast with Project Runway's Christian was fierce.— Joel
Ausiello: If you think that's fierce, check out the bonus material!
Question: I seriously need some Ugly Betty scoop. — Isis
Ausiello: We haven't seen the last of Willy's kid sis, played by Gabrielle Union. Sources confirm that Union is doing two more episodes this season.
Question: When is Entourage coming back? — Andria
Ausiello: I’m hearing late August, early September.
Question: I’m thinking it’s about time you give us something on Entourage before we forget it even exists. — Damon
Ausiello: Well, the show isn't backing down from its "Vince isn't Eric's only client" direction, which, frankly, sort of worries me. Nevertheless, this season, E will have a new assistant, who is as schlumpy and as charming as his low-rent office space. He has rebounded from the Anna Faris fiasco with a new client, an up-and-coming comedian who really wants to act. Plus, look for him to discover a hot script from an unlikely source: the managers of a topless bar. Speaking of gratuitous nudity (and when aren't we, really?), I hear that Ari will receive a visit from a pair of Chippendale's-style dancers. Oh, Lloyd, you shouldn't have! You really shouldn't have!
Question: In last week's Ask Ausiello, you mentioned that "nearly everyone" was onboard for next season except Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum. Is Allison Mack included in that "nearly everyone"? — Donny
Ausiello: Yes, the A Mackster has already re-upped for next season. I hear that keeping Chloe around was a top priority for producers given the uncertainty surrounding Kreuk and Rosenbaum's future involvement. [UPDATE: KryptonSite is reporting that Mack has not, in fact, signed on for next season. While it's possible that she hasn't officially signed on the dotted line, my rock-solid source insists she will be back for "a minimum of 18 episodes." I'll continue snooping around and see what I can find out.] Speaking of Kreuk and Rosenbaum, exec producer Al Gough gave TV Guide's Rich Sands an update on the duo's contract talks. "Kristin will be back for a portion of the season — likely the first third," he said, "and Michael… quite frankly, those negotiations are just getting started. So there's no word one way or the other whether he'll be back next year or not." According to my moles (but unconfirmed by Gough), best-case scenario, Rosenbaum will be in 18 episodes. Second-best-case scenario, he'll do 11. Worst-case scenario, he'll no longer have any use for this.
Question: When will we get more episodes of Nip/Tuck? — Rush
Ausiello: I think we're looking at spring '09. Probably not the answer you wanted.
Question: Hey! I just wanted to know what's going on with The Office. Is there going to be a Dwangela baby on the way now that Angela Kinsey is going to be a real-life mommy? — Mia
Ausiello: You know what the best part of my job is? Having my ego stroked on an almost minute-by-minute basis. When other people do it for me. So check out this week's installment of Mitovich’s Megaminute (it's live even as you read this), and Matt will hook you up with the 411 on the possibility of Dunder-Mifflin getting a nursery. Meanwhile, what this next thing means for The Office staff, I can only imagine. In an upcoming episode, we'll meet Old Man Jones, an old man (duh) who works out of the DM office park, and a popular and pricey Scranton call girl. Oh, Creed, what have you done now?
Question: Got any Smallville scoop? — Miranda
Ausiello: In light of news that Lana will be MIA for most of next season, click on this link and ask yourselves, "Is this Clark's next major love interest?"
Question: We need confirmation on the return of Shane West on ER. — Mary
Ausiello: As soon as I get confirmation, you'll get confirmation. K?
Question: I need to know who is on that boat on Lost! — Kelly
Ausiello: Well, Kelly, there’s Sayid and Desmond (1996 and 2004 editions) and the corpse of Fisher Stevens and some guy named Keamey… and I know that’s not who you mean, but the identity of Ben’s boat buddy is one scoop that Team Darlton is not letting slip, at least not until tomorrow night. In the meantime, try this Lost head-scratcher on for size: I have it on good authority that an upcoming, post-strike episode features both a pair of Arabic-speaking, horseback-riding Bedouins and a luxury doorman of British extraction. Without knowing whether it’s a flashback or flash-forward, whose episode could that be? I had an extra bowl of crazy this morning, so I’m going with a consciousness-imploding guess: Charles Widmore, who is: A) a shadowy figure who has been coming into focus in recent weeks, B) a rich British dude and C) perhaps interested in those polar bear skeletons Charlotte found in the deserts of Tunisia, no? Any more sane guesses? Post 'em here!
Question: I don't know if I can wait until April/May for more Bones! Any scoop? — A. Boyd
Ausiello: Ryan O'Neal is returning for one of the two post-strike episodes. That's all I got.
Question: Is there any confirmation of Anthony Anderson replacing Jesse L. Martin on Law & Order? — Piotr
Ausiello: Not yet. I'm sure it's written in some contract that NBC can't announce his hiring until Fox officially cancels K-Ville. Meanwhile, I hear a gun plays a major role in Det. Green's impending exit.
Question: What's the buzz on the new-and-improved Women's Murder Club? — Lisa
Ausiello: The buzz is that new show-runner Robert Nathan is on the prowl for a new love interest for Angie Harmon.
Question: What's the latest on Scrubs moving to ABC? — Gina
Ausiello: Cast and crew are due back on the set the week of March 24 to begin production on an 18-episode final season to air on ABC. Thanks, writers' strike!
Question: Any Lost news? — Franci
Ausiello: You know that series-regular death I alluded to a few weeks back? Well, tomorrow night's the night! But riddle me this, Lost fans: When is a death not a death, but a brand-new mystery all its own? Meanwhile, I was going to close this week's column by revealing the identity of the remaining members of Lost's super-cool clique, the Oceanic Six, but most of you seem to have it already figured out: *o* *a* *** **e **l* **** *i***.

OK, that does it for this week. Head over to the Ask Ausiello Discussion Thread to post a comment about this week's column. And, of course, send all tips/questions/inspirational speeches to Thanks for playing! — Additional reporting by Mickey O'Connor and Ben Katner

* Clients must be over 18 and have legal proof of age.

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