Spice Chests

Who Used What When

Most, if not all, spices have existed from time immemorial. But that does not mean that everyone, in all times, used or had available all spices. Each culture and era has its own specific selection of spices, or "Spice Chest". Here at Francesco Sirene, Spicer we have collected information for specific periods and places, to help you find out what spices you need to reconstruct the cuisine that belongs to them. We have only a few of these lists prepared so far, but will be adding more. Please check back here again--and if you can supply information to help build more Spice Chests, or to add to correct these ones, please contact us at jhanna@silk.net.

A Late Roman Spice Chest.

A Norse Spice Chest.

A Medieval and Renaissance German Spice Chest.

A Russian Spice Chest.

Constructing your own personal Spice Chest.

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