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Transport for London

Epping station to be refurbished and improved

10 October 2005

Epping station is to be refurbished and improved as part of Transport for London's (TfL) 5-year £10bn Investment Programme.

Approximately 6,200 passengers use Epping station every day

The refurbishment works, which will be undertaken by Metronet Rail BCV, will start in October 2005 and are due to be completed in March 2006.

During the next 10 years, every London Underground (LU) station will be refurbished or modernised.

Epping station will remain open while it is being improved, and passengers should not be affected by the works.

However, advantage will be taken of track closures to complete the works.

Refurbishment works include the restoration of heritage features, the replacement of all CCTV cameras, the installation of customer help points, an enhanced public address system, tactile strips on platforms and contrasting handrails for the partially sighted.

All cabling will be concealed and ceilings will be either replaced or decorated.

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