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RedOctane CEO Spills The Beans On Guitar Hero 2

n an interview with Eurogamer, RedOctane CEO Kelly Sumner said that the publisher is planning "five or six" Guitar Hero titles by mid 2007.

"We are working on Guitar Hero 2, which will have 40-plus new tracks," Sumner told Eurogamer. But what will the rest of these Guitar Hero titles consist of? Apparently, they are working on genre specific games like metal or country music. Sumner also didn't rule out non-console versions of the game that would solely run off of a guitar peripheral hooked directly to a TV. "You could absolutely do a plug and play version," Sumner said.

It will definitely be interesting to see what kind of tracks RedOctane can score now that Guitar Hero is a proven success. They can actually go to a licensor and say, "These are our sales numbers. Here are our reviews. Try out this guitar controller and see what you think." I'm guessing a lot more music publishers and musicians will be up for it this time around.

Here's hoping for an official announcement with a solid track listing for Guitar Hero 2!

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