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Item #: SCP-126

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-126 is to be kept within Containment Cell #87816 at all times. Release or escape of SCP-126 will result in the immediate launch of Evacuation Procedure 44-S9, and the termination of accomplice(s). Only Level 3 personnel are permitted to enter Containment Cell #87816. Staff planning future personal contact with SCP-126 must go through mental training to avoid permanent emotional attachment

(Notice: For information regarding Evacuation Procedure 44-S9, please see Document 44-S9)

Description: SCP-126 bares no true physical appearance. It is a 100% invisible entity of unknown origins. Essentially it is that of a female voice. SCP-126 is sentient, with the ability to speak various human languages (and various unknown languages). SCP-126 has held multiple full length conversations with personnel that have entered Containment Cell #87816 for extended research. She was found in a modern day, occupied house in [DATA EXPUNGED] that was said to have been haunted by residence. After a series of agreements made with SCP-126, she deliberately proceeded to stay in Site 19. Although SCP-126 cannot be seen, footsteps can be heard clearly when she decides to move. Personnel that have had said conversations with SCP-126 have commonly become extremely emotionally attached to her, talking as if they have known her for years. In a few notable cases, staff emotions have grown extreme enough to the point of love, regardless of gender or sexual preferences. These cases have resulted in multiple attempts to release SCP-126. Research has found emotional extremes are imminent without proper mental therapy. Those who fall in love with SCP-126 have all died of starvation due refusal to perform any action other than communication with SCP-126.

Personality traits of SCP-126 include:


-Strong desire to help where it is needed

-Attraction to men who are intelligent and humorous

-Attachment to children

Although seemingly lacking any physical form, SCP-126 has not attained the ability to phase through any physical objects. SCP-126 requires no nourishment to survive.

Document 44-S9:

[Evacuation Procedure 44-S9 has been made specifically for SCP-126]

If SCP-126 is released or escapes from Containment Cell #87816, personnel within vicinity must proceed to do as follows:

1. Keep hands over ears to avoid hearing the voice of SCP-126

2. Continue with caution as not to accidently meet physical contact with SCP-126

3. Follow designated route to Sector 12, Sound Compressed Room 33

4. Have one staff member lock the door of Sound Compressed Room 33

5. Wait until authorized security personnel reports the safe containment of SCP-126

Any personnel not following the above precautions in the event of SCP-126’s escape must be immediately terminated to avoid further attempts at release.

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