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Real name: Kara Drew
Hometown: Morristown, New Jersey
Trained by: Gino Caruso
Pre-WWE: She started in 1999 in various east coast indies as a manager, especially East Coast Pro
Wrestling, where she was trained, and the IWF. Not wanting to stop there, in time, she also got to
wrestle in a few matches. By 2003, she was working matches as a wrestler on a regular basis.
Made WWE Debut: January, 2007
Sometimes, you have to take great caution when you look at or talk about Cherry. That’s because her
boyfriend Deuce and brother Domino would be quick to get in a rumble when it involves her.

But this is my site. Those two can go kiss Fonzie’s ass while I go ahead with this.

It’s not like I’m gonna say anything bad about her. I’m just for starters gonna talk about her years as
Kara Slice.

As a manager, she cheered on whoever she cornered… literally. The whole Claire Bennet “America’s
Favorite Cheerleader” thing she wasn’t, but she didn’t need to be, either. Just enough to raise eyebrows,
really. Especially mine; I had no idea that she did a cheerleader gimmick until I started writing this page.
Let me move on before I start in about cheerleaders in general.

In those 6 years in the indies on the east coast, she only won one Women’s title, that one being in Jersey
Championship Wrestling.

In the fall of 2005, she would make her final indie move, if you will, by working in Ohio Valley Wrestling.
The move was in order to score a WWE developmental deal, which she did by the end of the year. With
the move, she would also get a makeover, from a cheerleader to a 50s chick, complete with short poodle
skirts and roller skates. (Which actually makes me think of Heather Graham in “Boogie Nights” more
so, even though that was set in the 70s.) That would also be the first time she worked with Deuce (known
fully as Deuce Shade at the time) and Domino (then known as Cliff Compton), being called the

While I’m on the subject, she wasn’t just known as Cherry at the time, either. Her full name was Cherry
Pie. Insert your own Warrant references here.

The team would eventually win the OVW Souther Tag Team titles. In time, they would feud with Cody
Runnels and Shawn Spears. By the sounds of it, it stemmed from when Runnels and Spears requested
Cherry to be their valet. She would make the jump when Runnels and Spears won the titles from the
Throwbacks. (Actually, her services were on the line in the match, as well.)

She would jump back in order for Deuce and Compton, now known as the Untouchables, to win them back
from them.

Her OVW work didn’t always involve managing. She did get in a spat or two with the other women in the
company. Nothing prolonged, though, from what I can tell.

While in the OVW title picture in late ’06, the trio also worked dark matches for WWE. They would
make their debut on SmackDown TV in January. Being that it was the first time I saw the team of
greasers and the roller skating princess, I couldn’t stop making quips in reference to Happy Days and
Sha-Na-Na, a trend that continues today, although I’m open to similar quips about Grease.

True to the gimmick, the guys know how to rumble in there, and Cherry is anything but eye candy with
all the classic valet involvement she does. It didn’t take long for them to challenge long-standing Tag
Team champs Paul London and Brian Kendrick. That, actually, was almost immediate. They wouldn’t win
them right away, as the champs were still on a hot streak, but Deuce and Domino would finally end the 11-
month reign they had going over in Italy.

There isn’t really much else to say. Cherry hasn’t gotten involved in any feuds with the other Divas, and
other than the occasional distraction at the climax of a match, she just skates around ringside, smiles a
lot, doesn’t really say much… she pretty much stays innocent, kind of a reflection of the time period she

Sure, Cherry looks like a nice girl, but don’t let that fool you. While her look comes from the 50s, she
comes from the wrong side of the tracks.
Titles Won:
JCW: Women’s champion (Won from April Hunter, 4.16.04, loss info not available)