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A protein chain similar in complexity to SCP-008. Diagrams of SCP-008 itself cannot be released for risk of attempted synthesis.
A protein chain similar in complexity to SCP-008. Diagrams of SCP-008 itself cannot be released for risk of attempted synthesis.

Security Clearance Adequate: Access Authorized

Item#: SCP-008

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-008 samples are an extreme biological hazard and all related protocols apply. Incineration and irradiation measures will be deployed in the event of political or military action which may result in the facility being dismantled, a power failure or zero communications from operatives or outside channels during any given eight hour period. The quarantine period for operatives leaving the facility is four months. If a breach has occurred, incineration and irradiation measures shall be deployed. It should be the policy of all facilities not to prepare an evacuation procedure.

Description: SCP-008 is a complex prion found stored in each of the known G2 sites. Research into SCP-008 is highly classified and primarily aimed at preventing research which may lead to the synthesis of SCP-008 in the distant future. Symptomatic functions of the SCP-008 prion will be given.

  • 100% lethality.
  • Transmission through exposed mucus membranes and all bodily fluids.
  • Not airborne. Not waterborne.
  • Symptoms are flu-like with high fever and severe dementia in later stages.
  • Coma onset approximately 20 hours after first symptoms appear and 12 hours after noticeable dementia.
  • Post-coma, all bodily tissues assume their original functions at a reduced rate.
  • Red blood cells infected by SCP-008 increase oxygen storage capacity allowing slower blood flow and increased muscle endurance and strength.
  • Platelets self-replicate and clot wounds almost immediately, resulting in little to no blood flow from puncture and slash related injuries.
  • Conditioned behavior, motor controls and instinctive behavioral mechanisms are maintained in humans whilst animals experience excessive brain necrosis.
  • Vastly decreased abilities in intelligence and locomotion, though the brain still seems to be the primary center of low-level thought and muscular control.
  • Neutralization requires significant cranial trauma.

There is strong evidence to suggest SCP-008 itself did not form naturally on earth, since variants of similar complexity would have displaced much of the ecosystem. In 1959 a short collaborative effort with the USSR to locate G2 sites and eliminate SCP-008 was negotiated following their discovery. The status of SCP-008 in Russian custody since collaboration ended is unknown.

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