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Issue #20
October 21, 1996

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Leaving Here...U.S.A. to Europe...

Pearl Jam's leavin' here but going where? Europe! They'll be seeing four leaf clovers, leprechauns and the Blarney Stone first as they rock next in Cork, Ireland on October 24th and then throughout Europe. Last stops are in Lisbon, Portugal on the 24 & 25th of November. Bring back some Pao Doce, guys!

Hey Jammers - Have You Heard The News?

The Berlin concert is going to be broadcast around the world on November 3rd. It will be available to any radio station that wants to pick up those jammy waves so check with your local stations. The rumors are flying but it won't be simulcast on PBS. Our tape recorders are already set to go.

Stone Gossard's guitar was stolen from the stage in Ft. Lauderdale and it has since been recovered and returned to him. We're biting our tongues about how we feel about someone who would steal from Pearl Jam...no we're not. They suck.

Music, Of Course...

We're told that a new single for Hail, Hail will have a song named, Black, Red, Yellow as the b-side to be released in Europe...not sure about the U.S. yet. We'll let you know. The release date should be coming soon. In answer to some other questions, they say they will be releasing a live album someday -- but the home video is coming along s l o w l y... .

Seasons Change...

It looks like Pearl Jam's spring tour of the U.S. has been moved to sometime around summer. March still holds possibilities for Australia and New Zealand. It's still too early to get anything firm. More information should surface once Pearl Jam gets back from their current tour.

Rumors, Rumours, Rumors...

PEARL Rumor: A friend in Colorado told me that there are rumors of a November 30, 1996 show at Red Rocks, and that KBPI will be announcing details and ticket numbers shortly.
JAM Fact: No.

PEARL Rumor: A friend's father says he has seen an announcement about a Pearl Jam concert in Brussels, Belgium, on the 5th of November. Could this be true?
JAM Fact: No.

PEARL Rumor: The Innsbruck, Austria was cancelled because Jack is tired after the shows in the states.
JAM Fact: The band plays long sets, they all need a break in the middle of the tour.

~ Q&A; ~ Q&A; ~ Q&A; ~

Q: Did Dennis Rodman write the lyrics to "Smile" - if not, who's the Dennis on the lyrics for it?
A: Dennis from the "Frogs".

Q: Was Brad (Stone's side project) a one-time project or are they ever going to do anything more?
A: Recording a new album soon.

Q: When will Pearl Jam be recording again?
A: All the time.

Q: Why did Pearl Jam go through Ticketmaster in Canada?
A: Different owners, same name.

Q: Will Pearl Jam be on Saturday Night Live or any other TV shows anytime soon?
A: No.

Q: Is PJ doing any magazine covers or interviews in the near future, such as Rolling Stone, or Spin?
A: Rolling Stone is doing an UNauthorized story coming out next month.

Q: While the Fastbacks were playing in Augusta, a guy came out in some costume during Girl's Eyes. Was that Eddie?
A: Yes.

Q: Which picture did Dr. Paul J. Bubak take on No Code and be credited for?
A: Stitches.

Q: What kind of recording equipment does PJ allow?
A: Audio Recorders.

Q: DATs?
A: Yes.

[We received a number of mails about tape recorders not being allowed in to some venues recently. If you experience trouble like that at a venue, ask to speak with a Promoter Rep. -RP]

Q: Eddie is always seen with a video camera. Is he making a video or movie or is he filming for his personal library?
A: Personal library.

How the band feels about videos...

Q: Hartford: Why didn't the band allow the use of the lawn screens so everybody with the lawn seats could see?
A: Band wanted the people to listen, not watch TV.

Q: Why did Pearl Jam stop making videos? I have heard many many different stories, but I don't know which is true. Can you fill me in?
A: Band wanted the people to listen, not watch TV.

Q: Is Pearl Jam planning to make anymore videos in the future?
A: No.

Talk About The Passion...

In between issues of the PJRP we've been keeping busy and we're very happy to announce that the Pearl Jam website we've been working on is ready for all to see. There is a music area, all of the Rumor Pits, bio, pictures, tourdates, Ten Club info, activist links, and a growing Fanscene area that's all about the synergy between Pearl Jam and Us. We hope you'll find something you like there and we invite you to visit us by surfing to Synergy at http://www.sony.com/artists/PearlJam/ [you're already here!]

TEN/Vitalogy Health Club

The word is that the Ten Club will be sending out that newsletter very soon now. In answer to another question, yes, PJ concert ticket offers (U.S. and International) will still be made through the Ten Club for members for all shows in the future. If you have any questions about your membership or want to send them your latest address, you can write to the Ten Club at tenclub1@aol.com.

Have Any Questions? Heard Any Rumors? Just Ask Us!

...and when you ask your questions for the Rumor Pit, please remember to put PJ Rumor Pit in the Subject line of your question message so we can just zero right in on them in our email. Please remember personal questions won't be answered. Example: Is it true that Eddie's writing a book called, "Give a Hoot, Self Pollute"...?

OK, that's it for now! Please forward and share this Jammy info with other fans. We'll see you in the mosh pit at the shows and we'll see you in the PJ Rumor Pit next time!

DigitalKat and OfTheSea

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