Design2002 by Catherine Lindsay
Materials:*4-ply worsted-weight yarn,red and green
*Crochet hook "G"
*Yarn needle
Rnd 1:Ch 2,6 sc in 2nd ch from hook,do not join(6).
Rnd 2:2 sc in each st around(12).
Rnd 3:(sc in next st,2 sc in next st)rep around(18).
Rnd 4:(sc in next 2 sts,2 sc in next st)rep around(24).
Rnd 5:(sc in next 3 sts,2 sc in next st)rep around(30).
Rnd 6:Sc in each st around(30).
Rnd 7-11:Rep rnd 6(30).
Rnd 12:(sc in next 3 sts,dec)rep around(24).Stuff as you go.
Stitch Note:To dec,pull up a loop in next 2 st,yo,pull through both loops on hook.
Rnd 13:(sc in next 2 sts,dec)rep around(18).
Rnd 14:(sc in next st,dec)rep around(12).
Rnd 15:Dec 6 times.Slip st in next st to join,leaving a length of yarn,fasten off
*Sew opening closed.
*Run yarn down through tomato,coming out at bottom at rnd 1.
*Go over to other side of rnd 1,then come back up at top,pulling yarn tight to form indention on top and bottom,fasten off.
Stem Base:
Rnd 1:Ch 2,4 sc in 2nd ch from hook(4).
Rnd 2:2 sc in each st around.Slip st in 1st sc to join,finish off(8)
With 10" length of yarn,make 6 knots in center to form stem.Thread  loose ends in yarn needle.Go through center of stem base,running needle through a few stitches on underside of base to secure stem to base.Pull yarn ends down through body of tomato,pulling tightly,tie into a double knot.Trim ends.