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The very first LEGO pneumatic engine?

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fischer-technik vs Lego

fischer-technik pneumatics

3/8 RCX to FT Multiplexer

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Two Cylinder Pneumatic Engine

Engine Development

Engine Variations

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Pneumatic engine of a different kind
Stirling engine

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Rocket Locomotive & variants

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Survey of Air Compressors

Large Pump Compressors

Dual Large Pump Compressor

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More Pneumatic Engines

Hybrid FT-LEGO Pneumatic Engines

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Air Compressor Testing Goes Hi-Tech

RCX Controlled Air Compressor Tester

Another Pump Tester

Pneumatic Engines of Yesteryear

More Engines from Yesteryear

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Pneumatic Control Circuit
Basic control loop
Controlling models
Control circuit in 8868 alternate model

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Primer on Lego Pneumatics

Old Type Pneumatics 

Pneumatics FAQ

Pneumatic supplies
Technic sets with pneumatics

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Building Instructions
2-Cylinder Pneumatic Engine
Air Compressor Tester
Motorised Pneumatic switch
and more

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Pneumatics Constructopedia
Pneumatic valve
Linear to rotary motion

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NJRC 2000 is here

Miscellany & Local Stuff
NJRC 1999

Micro-motor actuated Pneumatic Switch

My R2D2 on the Miscell page is generating interest. It isn't pneumatic, so details are at my non-pneumatic site (laosoh is aka cssoh)

Home-made One-way Valve
Contribution from France

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Singapore Robotic Games 2000
Pneumatic lion
Stewart platform
Awesome air compressor
Home-made Air muscle
from France

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Pneumatics Bibliography

Topical Pneumatics Issues 

Aquarium hoses for pneumatics
Spring less pneumatic pump


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