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An approximate replica of SCP-009.
An approximate replica of SCP-009.

Item #: SCP-009

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-009 must be stored in a container made of 2-inch thick acrylic and placed in a standard 12' by 12' by 10' concrete storage room. Any person of a military career or a military mindset is prohibited from entering the storage room. Scientists conducting research on SCP-009 should be absolved of all belligerence by a two-week session of course B059, the specifics of which can be found in document #009-05.

Description: SCP-009 was found in 1979 by retired general ████████ ███████████ in a tomb of seeming Brythonic origin in ███████, England. The general had only recently moved to the area and had written of having strange dreams at night, in which he heard voices calling his name. After discovering the item, ███████████ apparently murdered his wife and neighbors, after which he was killed by a local police force. One of the policemen who retrieved SCP-009 exhibited behavior similar to the general and had to be subdued by Site 19 personnel as they were removing the item.

SCP-009 is a bladed weapon which dates back to the first century BCE. The blade is made of iron with a 0.6% carbon content. The hilt is made of brass and is etched with the words "CROCEA MORS". The leather section of the scabbard has almost completely decayed, and only fragments within the chape and locket remain.

During tests conducted on Class-D personnel, those armed with SCP-009 who had any kind of military affinity experienced a significant jump in IQ, displayed signs of paranoia and mental instability, and exhibited an autocratic personality, with approximately 20% becoming violent. Nonmilitant test subjects given the item were unaffected.

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