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Jump Festa 2008 Kingdom Hearts Square Enix - Image 1Jump Festa 2008 is currently in full swing and it seems that the lucky gamers who went to the event to get more information on either Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Coded, and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep got what they wanted.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for the Nintendo DS received the lion's share of updates with Square-Enix showing off the video game's trailer as well as a multiplayer and single player demo. In addition, the company let slip that this game is slated for release by Summer 2008.

The trailer showed a couple of snippets from the story of the game including member No.14 helping Roxas and Axel after being surprised by heartless. Mickey also made an appearance in the trailer, showing him staring at the woods of Twilight Town. The trailer even showed Roxas being kidnapped by the Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

Considering that Kingdom Hears 358/2 Days is the first game in the series to have multiplayer gameplay, you might want to know some of the more interesting details in the demo. Here's a short list:

  • Multiplayer mode lets you use Roxas, Axel, Xigbar and Saix.
  • The Multiplayer Character Selection screen shows the Organization members sitting down in their chairs.
  • Roxas is only able to use three hit combos in this demo.
  • Axel has a different feel then Roxas, and the demo player was relieved when he/she was able to use his fire attacks.
  • The Stage is Twilight Town and considered of 4x small wizards, 1x Fat Body and 4x Shadows, afterwards you fight against a boss which is Dark Side.
  • The mission of this demo is to defeat Dark Side.
  • When the mission is cleared you are taken to the record screen.
  • Those who finished playing the demo were presented with a Kingdom Hearts strap.
The mission was pretty straight forward with Roxas and Axel tasked to defeat four heartless and the Dark Side. At the end of the mission they receive a little help from the mysterious Member No. 14.

Kingdom Hearts Coded, on the other hand, is a game for mobile phones. The trailer they had at Jump Festa 2008 shows Kairi holding up her hand at the moon, the scene then transitions to Riku. The game itself adds a new feature called Crash Mode which increases Sora's agility for 30 seconds. The game is slated to be released for both the FOMA and DoCoMo Mobile Phones.

Finally, we have Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep for the PSP. Several facts about the game and the characters were revealed in Jump Festa 2008. Here are a few of the highlights from the game:
  • Ven uses his key with his left hand.
  • Terra combat scenes
  • Ven with Alladin.
  • Scene where Donald is in his normal clothes, and Mickey is with Yensid with his clothes on from the secret ending.
  • A new Keyblade that is completely black is shown, a new enemy?
We're sure we haven't heard the last of these games. While waiting for the next update, you might want to check out some of these pictures from Jump Fest 2008.

Jump Festa 2008 Kingdom Hearts Square Enix  - Image 1 Jump Festa 2008 Kingdom Hearts Square Enix  - Image 2 Jump Festa 2008 Kingdom Hearts Square Enix  - Image 3 Jump Festa 2008 Kingdom Hearts Square Enix  - Image 4 
Jump Festa 2008 Kingdom Hearts Square Enix  - Image 5 

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