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International Links

Friendship Agreements

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Friendship Cities

Manchester has longstanding and formal friendship links with the cities below:

Wuhan (China)

The Chinese city of Wuhan and Manchester have been friendship cities since 1986.

The relationship is based in particular on strong economic ties, which provide opportunities for trade and investment. There are a series of joint local initiatives which support this such as Sinoventures, a facility at Manchester Science Park through which companies can establish an initial base in the city and receive practical advice and support for their business.

St Petersburg (Russia)

St Petersburg is Manchester's oldest sister city, as well as being one of the most longstanding in the UK.

In 2007 this link was renewed with a new protocol for cooperation to strengthen economic and cultural ties, which will take the friendship link up to its 50th anniversary in 2012.

Chemnitz (Germany)

Chemnitz and Manchester have been linked since 1983, and the friendship agreements were renewed on the 20th anniversary.

There are particularly strong links between individual citizens and groups in both cities, including school twinning and exchanges and links between faith groups.

Faisalabad (Pakistan)

The friendship link with Faisalabad and Manchester dates back to 1997 and is driven by the Pakistani community in Manchester to build and maintain cultural and community links.

Manchester also has formal links with Córdoba (Spain), Rehovot (Israel) and Bilwi (Nicaragua).

Other co-operation

In addition to formal friendship links, Manchester also co-operates with international cities on specific economic, cultural and other projects.

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