New Critique

A Guide to Dooyeweerd's New Critique of Theoretical Thought



Welcome to New Critique; a website aiming to promote the magnum opus of the Dutch philosopher Herman Dooyeweerd - A New Critique of Theoretical Thought (NCTT). In the menu you will find links to guides for the contents of each of the three volumes. You will also find links to study notes which have been indexed weekly and contain a reading plan for the full contents. One hour of solid reading per week should suffice to keep up with the plan. 

Before tackling Dooyeweerd's NCTT it is advisable to read through his In The Twilight of Western Thought (Twilight). A guide to this book has also been provided. For those who wish to know more about Dooyeweerd and how his philosophy has been developed, select annotated bibliographies have been provided in the 'Introduction' section, and there are also useful lists in the 'The Movement' section of the site.

Note: This website is still in construction!

Picture of Herman Dooyeweerd is copyrighted to the Herman Dooyeweerd Foundation and is originally to be found on Andrew Basden's Dooyeweerd Pages.