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Why Men Pay For It

What inspires men to pay women for sex?
The film enters into intimate conversation with a diverse group of men whose candour is, at times, breathtaking.
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    • Runtime: 00:52:00
    • Production Year: 2004
    Averge rating: 4 Number of ratings: 1

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    So often when prostitution is looked at, one group remains largely invisible - the male clients who generate 99% of the business. Why Men Pay for It breaks through this barrier and asks - who are these men, and why do they do it? The setting is contemporary Australia - the themes are universal. The film enters into an intimate conversation with a diverse group of men whose candour is, at times, breathtaking. Their stories have the capacity to make you laugh, cry, or perhaps even get angry. This is a layered film on a difficult and, until now, elusive subject.

    Why you should watch it

    Frank and non-judgemental, this documentary meets men who go to prostitutes and the women they pay for sex, hoping to get to the bottom of the question of why the men do it. Whilst the subjects are Australian, the discoveries they find apply anywhere. Creepy and engaging in equal measures, you’ll find yourself questioning the moral ground upon which prostitution is based, though this is by no means a heavy, forensic investigation of the subject.

    Further information on why men pay for sex:

    There are a number of sites that ask this question. Ask Men has a light and humourous article written by a women looking for the reasons men might pay for sex, especially those who don’t have to. Another article in The Times asks ‘Who pays for Sex?’ and has a number of interviews and sound bites that give a clearer idea. Male Health questions men on whether they have paid for sex and why, and the BBC also has a piece on the rising number of men going to prostitutes and looks at the reasons.

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