Creaton Parish Council


Calendar of Meeting Dates - 2008

Creaton Parish Council holds meetings at 8pm, in the Village Hall, Teeton Lane, Creaton on the first Tuesday of every month as follows:-

  1. Tuesday 8th January 2008

  2. Tuesday 5th February 2008

  3. Tuesday 4th March 2008 (Risk Assessment)

  4. Tuesday 1st April 2008

  5. Monday 12th May 2008 (includes Annual Parish Meeting)

  6. Tuesday 3rd June 2008

  7. Tuesday 1st July 2008

  8. Tuesday 5th August 2008

  9. Tuesday 2nd September 2008

  10. Tuesday 7th October 2008

  11. Tuesday 4th November 2008

  12. Tuesday 2nd December 2008

An Agenda for each meeting will be posted on the Parish Noticeboard by St Michael’s Church a minimum of 3 days before each meeting.  All are welcome to attend.  If you have anything you wish to raise on the Agenda, please contact either the Chair, Councillor Stan Perrins (01604-505487) or the Clerk, Lynne Compton (01604-889060) at least 1 week before the meeting.  If you have access to the internet, you may send comments or view the Agenda/Minutes on