Culturecom Comics

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Culturecom has been making every effort to provide readers with various kinds of good quality comics. For locally created comics, considerable effort has been made to cultivate comic talents, aiming at improving the status of locally created comics in the international comic market.


Culturecom is one of the largest comic content providers in Asia . We have been in the comic publishing field for over 30 years, owning copyright of more than 200 comic titles. Famous titles include <Feel 100%>, <Dragon & Tiger Heroes>, <Chinese Hero>, <Buddha's Palm> and <Impeccable Twins>. Above all, <Chinese Hero> holds the record of the highest weekly circulation of Hong Kong comics; and <Dragon & Tiger Heroes>, having been published over 1500 issues so far, is the longest comic series in Hong Kong.


Apart from locally created comics, Culturecom has been bringing in good quality comics from foreign countries, especially Japan , since 1992. We, being one of the largest Hong Kong publishers of Japanese comics, have published near 300 Japanese titles so far. Famous titles include "Doraemon", "Captain Tsubasa", "Dragon Ball" and "HUNTER X HUNTER". Worthy of mention, "Dragon Ball" holds the record of the highest circulation of Japanese comics in Hong Kong .


In addition to publication of comics, Culturecom has also produced a lot of popular comic merchandise including artwork albums, posters, cloth dolls, models, music boxes, cups, umbrellas, watches, cards etc. Worthy of mention, <Dragon and Tiger Heroes Kung-fu Collection Plastic Card Series> and <Feel100% Cup Set> won the Champion Award of Plastic Card Printing (other materials) and an award of merit in Packaging Material Printing respectively in the 12th Hong Kong Print Awards. Culturecom has also co-operated with different commercial organizations in comic merchandise, for examples, <Twilight Zone PC Game> with Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited, <Feel 100% Mobile Phone Strap> with PCCW, and <Cute-Version Chinese Hero Plastic Figure> with Commercial Radio1(FM 881).


Looking forward, Comics Department will put more effort to develop our comics business in different media. As well as continuing to publish various kinds of locally created comics of good quality and bringing in good Japanese comics, we will make better use of our plentiful comics assets to produce more derivative multi-media products. Large-scale comics projects will be built in 2005 with commercial organizations in Mainland China , for examples:


•  Online e-comics and download service in Culturecom comics channel at Netease ( and QQ ( website.

•  Trading game card and TV drama series of Culturecom comics characters.

•  International comics competition in order to nurture new artists.

•  Up to 10 online games based on Culturecom comic titles in Mainland China .