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The TUC publishes regular expert analysis of the UK economy and our place in the world. Here are links to our most recent economics briefings and reports. You can find older material by using the search facilities. There are separate areas of the site where we feature our research on employment and the labour market and our work on partnership and the stakeholder economy.

The most recent documents available on this subject are:

TUC welcomes united approach to the benefits and challenges of migration
Responding to the publication of ‘Managing the Impacts of Migration: a Cross Government Approach' today (Wednesday) by Communities Secretary Hazel Blears, Midlands TUC Regional Secretary Roger McKenzie said:
PDF version available for download
11 June 2008

Markets have failed public services - time for a new 'public value' alternative
Successive attempts to introduce market mechanisms into public services by Labour and Conservative governments – £44 billion worth of public services are now delivered each year outside the public sector - have not delivered better value and have often made worse the problems they were claimed to solve, says the TUC in a new pamphlet published today (Wednesday).
PDF version available for download
11 June 2008

Rethinking Public Service Reform - The ‘Public Value' Alternative
This is the second in the series of Touchstone Pamphlets designed to inform and stimulate debate on the most pressing issues facing British policymakers.
11 June 2008

TUC response to child poverty figures
Responding to the most recent Government figures on child poverty released today (Tuesday) TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: “The increase in the number of children living in poverty is disappointing. “While these figures do not reflect the welcome extra cash announced in the March Budget, more needs to be done if the Government is to meet its target of halving child poverty by 2010. “Child poverty blights lives and stops far too many reaching their full potential.”
10 June 2008

Voters reject tax cuts for big companies
On the eve of the first meeting of the Treasury's advisory group on tax competitiveness, set up by Alastair Darling, new polling released today (Sunday) by the TUC shows that less than one in five voters support moves to “reduce tax on the profits of large companies”.
8 June 2008

Wales TUC on June interest rates decision
Commenting on the decision today (Thursday) of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee to hold interest rates at 5 per cent
5 June 2008

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