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Diablo II Discoveries
Every once in a while you are reading a forum and you come across a post that you know is just going to change the way everyone thinks about the game.  These revelations can alter playing styles, strategies, and known game formulas.  They can greatly expand the knowledge of the game's workings and their information gets passed around Battle.Net's populace like a dirty little secret.  In short, they're discoveries.  Here is a compilation, purely subjective, of the major discoveries made since the release of Diablo II.  They are sorted in reverse chronological order and annotated by us to add information about the discoveries for those studying them.

The Buriza-Druid PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dyre_Wulf and KZIN   
Wednesday, 10 October 2001
The Buriza-Do Kyanon is a popular item for Amazons. While it is slow due to it being a crossbow, it deals such a vicious amount of damage and has such a low level requirement in Diablo II v1.09 that it remains the weapon of choice for a large majority of Amazon players on Battle.Net. Its major drawback is its lack of speed, so that's what made Dyre_Wulf's suggestion in the Amazon Basin forums so bizarre at the time...
Magic Find Discrepancy PDF Print E-mail
Written by towofu, Jarulf, and Spirea   
Tuesday, 20 March 2001
While statistics and chances to find set, unique, rare, magical, and normal items had been known for a while when wearing +magic find% gear, studies had generally been done in 50% degrees. For example, the chances to find items would be calculated for wearing +100%, +150%, and +200% magic find, etc. But towofu would make a discovery that surprised everyone - that a mere 1% difference in magic find chances can make a huge difference.
Rare Cube Recipe PDF Print E-mail
Written by Teske   
Friday, 22 December 2000
Jarulf had been hinting for a while that, after the release of version 1.04, there were new cube recipes, including one which featured the generation of rare items. Being aloof, he decided to let someone else discover something this time. :)  Teske came through days later.
Area of Effect PDF Print E-mail
Written by ink and Azrael   
Sunday, 03 December 2000
The details of the star-shaped area of effect bug came to light thanks to the testing of ink and Azrael.
Fire Mastery and Hydra PDF Print E-mail
Written by Trucidation   
Wednesday, 11 October 2000
Why don't people use Hydra more? It IS a level 30 skill, and yet it is shunned by many Sorceresses. Here's the explanation.
Critical Heal PDF Print E-mail
Written by Trucidation and Jarulf   
Saturday, 07 October 2000
People had been noting that characters would, from time to time, receive double the healing (or mana) from a potion. Why? Nobody knew, until Trucidation got the ball rolling.
The Bow Bugs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Trucidation   
Thursday, 28 September 2000
Diablo II version 1.04 changed the way bows (and Amazons in general) worked, but the change would have never come about if it weren't for this discovery.
Barbarian Masteries PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jarulf   
Wednesday, 23 August 2000
There's a reason why Barbarians crush everything in their path. Just look at their mastery skills VERY closely...
The Unique Order PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ondo   
Saturday, 19 August 2000
The street value of a Stone of Jordan dropped immensely the day of this discovery...
How Gambling Works PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jarulf   
Friday, 18 August 2000
Gambling was very much a mystery in the early days of Diablo II. Jarulf helped to clear up a number of misconceptions about gambling over time, and here was one of his more major discoveries on the matter.
ARx4 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jarulf   
Friday, 11 August 2000
With a short and sweet post in the Lurker Lounge forum, Jarulf revealed that monsters actually have 4 times as much AR than previously thought, causing the character screen "chance to be hit" data display to be incorrect (the displayed values were later fixed in patch 1.04). This makes reaching DR values good enough to have a significant impact in hell difficulty very tough for any character but a Barbarian (thanks to the skill Iron Skin).
The Off by One Bug PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jarulf   
Thursday, 27 July 2000
Ever wonder why there are so many 9's and 4's in the game, and why items and magical modifiers rarely seem to reach "rounded-off" values? Jarulf found out why.
The One-Handed Damage Bug PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jarulf   
Monday, 24 July 2000
Jarulf posted this as a general study in weapon damage, but the big shocker was the 1-handed damage bug. Items with damage boosting properties added damage according to their listed one-handed damage, and NOT the two-handed damage, which makes a difference on high end items. Even more surprising, mauls' 1-handed damage, not visible in the game, was 1-1 in the data files, making enhanced damage on mauls rather useless. One-handed maul damage was later corrected in a patch.