PPV Results: Samoa Joe Makes History

Monday, 09 June 2008
By Bill Banks

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The Pay-Per-View kicks off with the TNA X Division Championship as "Maple Leaf Muscle" Petey Williams defended the gold against Kaz. Williams was wearing a protective face mask due to a recent injury he sustained. Rhaka Khan attempted to interfere, but it was all a cover for "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner to come down with a steel pipe. Steiner got the pipe to Williams, who cracked it over Kaz's skull and bloodied him. Williams hit the Canadian Destroyer on Kaz for the win to successfully defend the title.

After the bout, Steiner got on the microphone to talk trash to Kaz, but the monster Abyss made his surprise return and hit the Black Hole Slam on Steiner, Williams and Rhaka Khan! Abyss then picked up Kaz on his shoulders and carried him to the back.

Eric Young interrupted Mike and Don at the commentary table, claiming that Elvis was coming to the event!

JB interviewed Kevin Nash about his role as the enforcer for the King Of The Mountain match. Nash claimed Joe's reign as champion was an investment Nash couldn't afford to lose.

The Knockouts team of Gail Kim, ODB and Roxxi defeated The Beautiful People and their new bodyguard Moose when ODB beat Moose.

Lauren interviewed Rhino, who talked about how the past year was so tough for him, but his goal was to walk out World Champion.

In a clash of two of the best tag teams in the sport today, TNA World Tag Team Champions The Latin American Xchange defeated Team 3D to retain the gold. In the end, as Team 3D was getting ready to hit the 3D finisher on Hernandez, Homicide snuck up behind Brother Ray and rolled him up with a small package for the win!

JB interviewed Robert Roode, who talked about winning the King Of The Mountain match and cementing himself among the elite in TNA.

Next up, TNA Women's Champion Awesome Kong made her open challenge, which was once again answered by a fan in the crowd. After Kong decimated that challenger, she wanted another victim. Minutes later, she annihilated that person as well. As Kong was about to leave, she was interrupted by Eric Young, who announced that Elvis was here! This "Elvis" danced his way to the ring - where he was met by Awesome Kong! Kong destroyed Elvis and finally left the arena!

Lauren interviewed Christian Cage about his chances in the main event tonight and regaining the World Championship.

Next up was the wedding with Jay Lethal and SoCal Val, also featuring Sonjay Dutt, America Idol star Ace Young, plus wrestling legends Koko B. Ware, Kamala, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and George "The Animal" Steele. However, Sonjay Dutt ruined the wedding - and his friendship with Jay Lethal - when he begged Val to marry him instead. Dutt and Lethal got into an argument, with Dutt eventually blindsiding Lethal and attacking him! Before Dutt could inflict any more damage the wrestling legends hit the ring to chase him away!

Backstage, JB interviewed Booker T about his chances in the King Of the Mountain match.

In the first of the two main-event matches, "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles defeated Kurt Angle thanks to Karen Angle! It looked like Karen was actually on Kurt's side and was going to slide a chair into him, but she yanked it away at the last moment - allowing AJ to make a comeback and beat Kurt with the Styles Clash! After the bout, Kurt snapped and demolished AJ With a chair. Fearful for her well-being, Karen left the ring - allowing Kurt and Tomko (who tried to interfere earlier) the opportunity to destroy The Phenomenal One. Angle put AJ in the Ankle Lock submission and refused to let go until referees and security pulled him off AJ.

In the main event King Of The Mountain match, Samoa Joe made history by becoming the first defending TNA World Heavyweight Champion to win the ladder match and retain the gold! However, the win came with controversy, as Booker T looked to have it won - but it was the special enforcer Kevin Nash that cost Booker his chance at the win!

How will all this unfold? Tune into Thursday's "iMPACT!" to find out!


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