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Welcome to 911 Memorials.Org

Welcome to 911memorials.org

This site was originally created to detail memorials to the 911 attacks in the U.S. and around the world and to catalog the development of the 911memorial in Manhattan.

Unfortunately we strongly disagree with expensive and uninspiring direction that the Manhattan memorial took and we blogged the repeated problems and loss of vision. In 2006 we discontinued this practice (although the commentary remains here for the record).

The future will now tell whether the memorial is one that is appropriate for the ages or another example of wrong-headed decisions made following the attacks.

To be specific our objections center on decisions to veer away from how memorials and historic sites have traditionally been handled to go in an entirely new direction.

Our specific objections:
*The emphasis should have been on the location being a historic site rather than on a massive memorial. The events was so dramatic and they occurred specifically at that site. The site should have been preserved in some simple way to convey the history. The history (such as is at the Alamo or the USS Arizona) conveys so much. Memorials are usually built in locations other than where exactly the events occurred.
*The Manhattan memorial will have no visible remnant whatsoever of the original WTC. The remnants are to be placed in underground museum and most likely you will have to pay to see them.
*The Manhattan memorial will forever remove the footprint of the WTC. For those who mourn a memorial that was more accessible would have allowed to at least be in the same space as their lost love one. For other visitors it would give them the sense of being within the space of history.
*The memorial site alters history. The memorial will alter history creating among other things a little “church in the glade” to represent the St. Nicholas Church. The destroyed church has dramatic importance but to recreate it in a fairy tale Ptoemkin Village takes away the power of the original.
*The memorial will not have a flag. The memorial is totally below ground and to be done in a minimalist style. Not a single drawing has ever shown even a single flag pole.

The powers that be may think that throwing $1 billion at the memorial (and heaven knows how much it is going to cost to keep the artificial waterfalls flowing) honors those who perished. A simple remnant of the trade center (e.g., the centerpiece globe) would have spoken much more.

Follow up: On September 5, 2007, the Memorial organizations announced finally they were going to place one of the tridents inside the glass enclosed entrance museum that would be visible from outside. That’s at least a start. Here’s the NY Post article and Newsday article.

There are numerous of heartfelt memorials across the country and feel free to browse them. Exposed steel from the towers still stirs passions in the rest of the world.

Be sure to also visit our Flickr 911 Memorials Pool which is constantly being updated.