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What Will They Name After You?

I feel a little like Bob Moog today — or maybe Adolphe Sax. While Googling for one of my articles, I discovered a musical instrument called the Battino:

the Battino

You play it by whacking a wooden ball with a hammer, causing the ball to tumble across some pegs and strike a bell. "The balls make a pleasing clickety-clack sound as they bounce and roll down the colorful descending wooden bars and ring the little jingle bell at the end," says one seller. "Turn Battino over and baby has fun rolling the balls down the colorful wooden bars."

I was pleased to read elsewhere that "Battino is finished with non-toxic, water-based dyes and fragrant beeswax," making it "the perfect gift for antsy young infants and toddlers."

Or as the manufacturer says, "Great — now I can bang about and make as much noise as I like!"

That definitely sounds like the type of instrument I'd want to be named after me, but at the same time, it's not a very obvious name. According to digital illustrator Allen Battino, whose ancestors came from the same Greek village as mine (we haven't figured out our exact relationship yet), "Battino" means "small tap" in Italian. Supposedly the original Battinos were blacksmiths.

But I'm intrigued by the bigger question: If you could have a toy or a musical instrument named after you, what would it be?


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Isidore Battino said:

Allen Battino's Father
I would pick the Banjo.Note- I learned to play the Banjo while a counselor at the University Settlement Camp, Beacon, N.Y., [owned by the Settlement House, East Side NYC.[Lived on Broome St., where many Greeks from Janina, Greece settled.

Allen Battino said:

I think it would be one of those complex one-man-band rigs with knee cymbals and a heel triggered rear kick drum. A battery pack and some electronics would bring it into the 21st century... but for now a baby's zylophone will do ;)

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