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This is a database of GlovePIE Scripts. Only scripts that are working perfectly should be sumbitted. If you wish to add a script, but are unsure, please discuss it on the talk page. All scripts should follow the same guidelines (format, its own page, "Script" category tag, etc.) and only the latest version of a script should be made available here.


[edit] Mouse Control

These scripts are for mouse control using either the the IR, the nunchuk, the classic controller or the accelerometer.

[edit] IR Scripts

[edit] Desktop (Cursor position)
  • Carl's IR Mouse - 1 or 2 dots (auto), roll compensation, smoothing, scale/offset
  • WiiMouse IR - 2 dots (partial range), rumble, roll compensation (partial), smoothing
  • OneDotMouse - 1 dot, very primitive, simplest possible script
  • computer controlv2.00 use your computers best keys on your wiimote.
  • computer controlv3.00 get the wiimotes roll and pintch in a bar!! and control your computers best keys on your wiimote. (buggy)
  • computer controlv4.00 use the IR the move to control the crusor and find out where the crusor is with the leds and controll your computers best keys on your wiimote.
  • computer controlv5.00 control you computer in four diffrent ways,windows media,IR,arrow keys (buggy)
  • GlovePIE:_Light_Gun - Script made to play light gun games. Screen edges are configurable.
[edit] FPS Games (Relative movement)

[edit] Nunchuk Scripts

[edit] Classic Controller Scripts

[edit] Accelerometer Scripts

[edit] Game Scripts

These are scripts that have been made to play a specific game. Please put it under the correct category.

[edit] GBA Emulator Scripts

[edit] PC Game Scripts

[edit] N64 Emulator Scripts

[edit] M.A.M.E Emulator Scripts

[edit] SNES Emulator Scripts

[edit] Genesis Emulator Scripts

[edit] NES Emulator Scripts

[edit] Miscellaneous Scripts

[edit] Xbox Scripts

  • XBMC Control Control Xbox Media Center w/ Wiimote via XBMC's Built in web server

[edit] Misc Scripts

These scripts are for controlling your lights, vibrations, laser tag, etc.

[edit] Wiimote Games

games to be played using only the wiimote (the computer only processes stuff)

[edit] Application Scripts

[edit] MIDI Instruments

[edit] Other Scripts

[edit] Debug Scripts

These scripts are for debugging your Wiimote (battery levels, calibration, etc.).

[edit] Internet Scripts

[edit] Web Browsers

[edit] Web Apps

[edit] Web Games

[edit] Helpful Code

Please place your code here for others to copy and paste into their scripts (ex. code for determing if a button is held for a long or short period of time). These bits of code should only perform one function and be easily transfered into another script.

[edit] External Links

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