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Jun 12th
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Karachi and Houston declared sister cities

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City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Mayor of Houston Bill White declaring Karachi and Houston as sister cities at city council Hall of Houston Texas on Thursday. Nazim Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal was also awarded honorary citizenship of Houston while he was also named Goodwill Ambassador for Houston.

The Mayor of Houston Bill White on this occasion said that as City Nazim Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal has great contribution in making Karachi a modern and well developed mega city which has also been appreciated internationally.

Nazim Karachi Syed Mustafa on this occasion said the declaration of sister city for Karachi and Houston and the treatment I got in my visit to United States especially in Houston was an honour not only for me but for the citizens of Karachi.

He hoped that the MoU would bring the citizens of both cities closer to each other and it would also help in understanding the problems faced by the two cities especially in the transfer of technology. Nazim Karachi said that Karachi being the 7th largest city of the world presently going through a rapid process of development. Pakistan Daily ( 


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