Michael Lamont
Welcome to the homepage of Michael Lamont.  When I was a student at Western Kentucky University I was involved with the local Linux User's Group for several years, which is the reason this page is here.

These days I work as a software engineer for Process Software in Framingham, Massachusetts (just outside of Boston). I mainly deal with electronic messaging software (email servers, anti-spam filters, etc). Work is fun; the locals are obscene, loud, and drive like madmen; and cost of living is so high that I pay more for a one bedroom condo than a mortgage on a large house costs in other parts of the country. In short, it's great.

So welcome to my homepage. There's nothing all that interesting here, so you either stumbled here through a search engine or complete boredom. For what it's worth, enjoy!

Sunset from Hatteras Island in North Carolina

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