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Item #: SCP-947

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Zone labeled as SCP-947 has been evacuated under precept of radiological contamination. Five charges of 10 kilograms of plutonium were buried with a 25 kilometer radius of ground zero to create said activity should there be investigation by a civilian science team. Because of this, maintenance personnel must always wear radiological protection when entering zone SCP-947. No Unauthorized entry is permitted within 2 kilometers of ground zero and intruders are to be shot and their remains incinerated. The door below the basement stairs at SCP-947 is to remain closed at all time. Should maintenance personnel find it unlocked upon arrival, they are to leave SCP-947 and ask for further instructions from a commanding officer. Maintenance personnel are not allowed to remain at ground zero at night; failure to abide by this command will be its own punishment.

Description: SCP-947 is a supernatural entity that resides in the basement of a house (ground zero )in [DATA EXPUNGED]. The entity continually opens a fault in the foundation of the house. The entity uses this fault to extend its reach.

The fault appeared in house in late 1980s. Nearby residents had been experiencing malevolent symptoms, including illnesses, mental degradation, and death. The entity was identified on June 5th, 19██ after the residents of ground zero were found dead.

Nature and motives of entity are unknown. There is no known way of repelling the entity. Though active at any given time, it becomes most active at 3:00 AM. Electronic surveillance equipment show severe spatial anomalies appearing within the house between 3:00 AM and 3:30 AM.

Experiments have shown that the entity could extend its reach past the quarantine zone if allowed to continue making the fault. The fault is to be sealed daily, preventing the entity from extending its reach. The fault will reappear within 12 hours after being sealed.

Maintenance personnel are to go to the house at 12:00 PM every day to seal the fault with concrete. No fewer than 3 at a time must be together in the house. Remaining after nightfall is strongly discouraged. Should a member of personnel find themselves attacked by the entity, they are to be terminated with extreme prejudice. It is believed the entity is seeking a host, though it has yet to manifest in any personnel.

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