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The Network
• Tapes shed light on bin Laden's network
• Tapes show al Qaeda's global reach

The Training
• Tapes show poison gas test on dogs
• Training for urban jihad on West
• Video reveals scope of al Qaeda threat

The Camps
•   VideoWatch it CNN's Matthew Chance visits the rubble of camps in eastern Afghanistan


• Images from the videotapes

Reaction & Analysis
• White House official: Tapes 'disturbing'
• CNN Access: A terrorism how-to manual
• Quote gallery: From inside the beltway

• How CNN obtained the tapes |  Video
• Al Qaeda: Attacks, suspects and plots
• Chemical Weapons: What they are
• Timeline: Chemical weapons history
• Profile: Osama bin Laden
• Profile: al-Zawahiri | Atef

•  Face of EvilWatch it Tapes offer evidence of al Qaeda's links to other groups.
•   Explosive ForceWatch it Al Qaeda's expertise in creating high explosives
•   In TrainingWatch it Al Qaeda members prepare for urban combat
•   Roots of HatredWatch it Bin Laden declares war on the United States
•   The MeetingWatch it Bin Laden and top aides arrive at a pivotal summit
•   Chemical TestsWatch it (Note: This video is very graphic and difficult to watch and is not recommended for children and some adults. Viewer discretion is advised.)
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