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Tuesday, 25 December 2007

D.C. United legendary “12th man”


Where can you find Barra Brava members in Robert F. Kennedy

A colorful array of sights and sounds surround any visitor whoenters the confines of RFK. In sections 135 thru 138  and 233 thru 235 "the bouncing masses" known as the Barra Brava, celebrate their passion for "futbol" in true South American style at every home game.

So what's in the name?
The name Barra Brava means "Brave Fans" and is derived from the top Barras of South Americasoccer stadiums that show their undying love and passion for their teams. Molded in the tradition of the Barras of Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Chile and other South American nations the D.C. Barra incorporates chants, songs, drums, banners, streamers, jumping and plenty of cerveza. In South America and in D.C. the members of Barra Brava are considered the "12th man." Since the beginning of MLS in 1996 the actions of Barras are equal parts notorious and glorious.

So what are the goals of Barra Brava?
The primary mission of the Barra Brava is to be present at every game cheering and supporting D.C. United. The proud members of Barra Brava  are the soundtrack that urges United to victory. Our goal is very simple; "We want more goals for United and a fifth MLS Cup."

Is La Barra Brava just for Latinos?
Though Barra Brava's style is undeniably South American, the club is also a melting pot of soccer culture from around the globe. Among our numbers are passionate fans from South America, Central America, Europe, North America, Africa, and even a few loco characters from Baltimore. Each season the aforementioned groups bring their own soccer traditions to RFK's bouncing stands. Though there are differences in languages Barra Brava members communicate through the language and culture of football.

Do Barra Brava members have to stand the entire game?
At games the largest number of Barra Brava stand and support United in sections 135 thru 138. Prospective members should also know that it is not mandatory for all Barra Brava members to stand in sections 135-138, but that's certainly where the fun resides. Like D.C.'s other great supporters clubs, Barra Brava members sit or stand in nearly every corner of the stadium.

A Barra Brava member is not only a rampant fan; he or she is part of the family that is D.C. United.

Come be a part of Barra Brava.

Vamos United!

----------Marshall Conner


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