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  • Gone Baby Gone (15)
    Ben Affleck – who knew he had it in him? Admit it, you thought the affable Affleck was a certified lunk: the Gerald Ford of Hollywood, someone you'd never imagine could act and chew gum. Well, he proved he could act with his poignantly self-deprecating turn in the Fifties-set Hollywoodland (2006). But direct? There's the surprise, and it's a magnificent one.

  • Mongol - the Rise to Power of Genghis Khan (15)
    Mongol was nominated for this year's Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, and it certainly fits the stereotype of what an Oscar-nominated film should be.

  • Let's Get Lost (15) (Rated 4/ 5 )
    This reissued portrait of West Coast jazz trumpeter Chet Baker turns on a heartbreaking contrast between his beautiful youth in the Fifties and his ravaged looks in the late Eighties, when photographer Bruce Weber caught up with him.

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Adrian Hamilton: The strange legacy of George Bush

Not a tear was shed, nor a cheer raised. Not even the protesters have bothered to turn out.


Steve Richards: Brown's macho posturing

Dependent on the support of the Democratic Unionists, it was the most hollow of hollow victories.


Joan Smith: There is only one route out of poverty

It's always gratifying when the Tories show their true colours.


Catherine Townsend: Sleeping Around

I always thought I would love two men fighting over me. Until it happened...

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Gone Baby Gone
Ben Affleck’s directorial debut is an impressive, naturalistic crime drama about the search for a missing four-year-old girl, adapted from a novel by Dennis Lehane. Casey Affleck stars.

California Dreamin’ (Endless)
In this sly parable of war, a trainful of US marines get stuck at a station in Romania during the war in Kosovo. Armand Assante stars. Limited release

Jules et Jim
An inter-war idyll, a dream of innocence, a love letter to la vie bohème: François Truffaut’s film retains the charm it had on its release 46 years ago.

Life, loves, tears and laughter in a beauty salon in Beirut – Steel Magnolias, Lebanese-style, in short. Nadine Labaki stars..

Let’s Get Lost
A welcome first UK theatrical release for this downbeat, loose-limbed documentary portrait from 1988 of Chet Baker, the velvet-toned pretty boy of 1950s jazz.