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Top 30 Japanese Video Games 06/30/02

Our weekly rundown of what's hot in Japan for the week ending June 30, courtesy of Famitsu magazine.

Here are the top 30 best selling games in Japan for the week ending June 30, courtesy of the editors and marketing research types at Famitsu magazine.

A whopping 18 new titles made their debut on the Japan top 30 this week, headed up by the sequel to one of last year's best GBA games. Golden Sun: The Lost Age, the latest co-production from Nintendo and Camelot for the portable, managed a respectable 96,000 copies its first week on the shelves, beating out samurai slasher Kengo 2 and the latest One Piece anime license for GBC for the number-one spot.

  1. Golden Sun: The Lost Age (Nintendo, GBA)
    Although Nintendo had this GBA game on display at E3 back in May, the English version isn't due out until early next year. Nintendo apparently doesn't want the sequel coming to the U.S. too soon after the original. Ah well…it'll definitely be worth the wait either way.
  2. Kengo 2 (Genki, PS2)
    Sequel to the original PS2 fighter. (And no, we're not counting Kabuki Warriors here.)
  3. One Piece: Maboroshi no Grand Line Boken-ki (Bandai, GBC)
    You'd think someone would tell Bandai that the next generation is here, but no—they still put out anime licenses galore on the Game Boy Color and original PlayStation. Not that we're trying to knock on this game—it actually looks kind of like a GBC port of Final Fantasy VI, believe it or not. Although we doubt Square would ever attempt such a thing themselves.
  4. World Soccer Winning Eleven 6 (Konami, PS2)
  5. Atelier Judie (Gust, PS2)
    The latest in Gust's series of medieval-themed anime-chick-laden series of console RPGs.
  6. .hack Volume 1 (Bandai, PS2)
  7. Dino Stalker (Capcom, PS2)
    Capcom's latest horrific gun shooter is coming to the U.S. this September.
  8. Popolocrois: Hajimari no Boken (Sony, PS2)
  9. Pop'n Music 6 (Konami, PS)
    Another Konami music game.
  10. Shikigami no Shiro (Taito, PS2)
    This classic-style overhead shooter was an Xbox launch title over in Japan. Taito sold over 22,000 copies of the PS2 version in the first week, already matching the figure the original Xbox version managed over five months. Cruel.
  11. Victorious Boxers: Championship Version (ESP, PS2)
    Part of the PS2 Best budget rerelease label.
  12. Houshin Engi 2 (Koei, PS2)
    This updated version of Mystic Heroes will come out in America before the end of the year.
  13. Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side (Konami, PS2)
  14. Dragon Quest Monsters 1 & 2 (Enix, PS)
  15. Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (Bandai, PS)
  16. Shin Combat Choro Q (Takara, GBA)
    Imagine if Micro Machines was an RTS, and you have the basic idea behind this game, based on a series of RC cars in Japan.
  17. Bomberman Generation (Hudson Soft, GameCube)
  18. Hamtaro 3 (Nintendo, GBA)
  19. Zoku Segare Ijiri (Enix, PS2)
    A nutty combination of platform action and extremely Japanese humor. Probably not the friendliest game to import if you aren't much familiar with the lingo.
  20. Bakuten Shoot Beyblade (Broccoli, GBA)
    Beyblades are all the rage these days…or so we hear, anyway. This RPG takes the basic concept and transforms it into a Pokémon-like part-collecting extravaganza.
  21. Usagi: Yasei no Touhi (Digicube, PS2)
    Despite the inscrutable name, this is just a mahjong simulation. Our apologies if the name got you all hot and bothered.
  22. Dosokai 2: Again & Refrain (NEC Interchannel, DC)
    Another Dreamcast anime-chick game. Or, to be more exact, a port of two older PC anime-chick games to the Dreamcast.
  23. Kamaitachi no Yoru Advance (Chun Soft, GBA)
    Not a game as much as a digital novel with atmospheric sound and graphics in the background. Chun Soft invented the genre on the Super Famicom in Japan.
  24. World Soccer Winning Eleven 2002 (Konami, PS)
  25. 2002 FIFA World Cup (Electronic Arts/Square, PS2)
  26. Famista Advance (Namco, GBA)
    The latest version of Namco's baseball series…which hasn't made an appearance here since way back in the age of the NES. Boo.
  27. Mega Man Battle Network 2 (Capcom, GBA)
  28. Kingdom Hearts (Square, PS2)
  29. 2002 FIFA World Cup (Electronic Arts/Square, PS2)
  30. Sanyo Pachinko Paradise 7 (Irem, PS2)