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What's next for Paramaecium since they've played their final show?

Photo: Stefan Bruhn

Our final performance was in Oslo Norway in November 2006. It was such an amazing experience and we have a lot of people to thank on that side of the Earth, that's for sure. A special mention goes to Oddmund, Paal, Brad, Pilgrim, and many others who were our friends and co-conspirators!

We are now working hard on a Paramaecium DVD which will hopefully be ready about mid year 2007! A final testament to the history of the band with footage from the past decade or so, including footage from our most recent (ie. last) performance in the heart of Norway.

For our latest news, visit the following links:

Our forum on unDark
(frequented by Andrew, Jayson and Jason)

Our page on MySpace
(with full song streams)

Old news now: The Exhumed lineup resurrected!

Exciting news: We can now reveal that in April 2006, Jayson Sherlock returned to Paramaecium after a 10 year break. As we prepare for the next album and possible shows, Paramaecium now consists of the original Exhumed lineup:

Andrew Tompkins: Vocals and Bass
Jason De Ron: Guitars
Jayson Sherlock: Drums

Paramaecium 2006
Andrew, Jason, and Jayson (site of Exhumed cover photo - August 2006)

Exciting for all of us - and it's been phenomenal working together again after so long. To keep track of developments, visit our forum on unDark.

More exciting news: We are on our way to Norway to close the Paramaecium chapter! That's right, this will be the last Paramaecium show ever. We will be introducing our new material for our new band inExordium at NordicFest in Oslo right after the Paramaecium set. Visit our forum on unDark for latest news and discussions, and visit the NordicFest site for event info.



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