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Truckers Bank Plan

At 1st Source, we have long understood that the trucking industry has unique financing needs. That's why we formed the Truckers Bank Plan in 1976 -- to reach out to an underserved market with creative products and expert advice. Over the years, Truckers Bank Plan has expanded to embrace related fields, like auto rental and leasing, but our primary mission has remained the same: to help our customers grow their businesses by providing the knowledgeable service and flexible financing they deserve.
Truckers Bank Plan
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Industry-specific expertise
What makes 1st Source your best source for financing? Our industry-specific expertise. We're committed to the markets we serve. Our lenders are seasoned veterans who understand commercial trucking and auto rental and leasing. When you come to us with questions about depreciation, resale values and expense ratios, you won't get blank stares but informed advice. Our expertise translates into greater profits and buying power for your company.

Fast service and flexible financing
Go to your average bank with a request to finance a fleet of vehicles, and it's likely they won't know where to begin. The number of titles alone may have them tossing up their hands in grief. Not at 1st Source. No matter how large or complex your request, we can handle the details and turn it around fast. What's more, our financing is always custom-tailored to your particular needs. At 1st Source, we don't use standardized applications or off-the-cuff formulas. We develop relationships of trust with our customers, which enable us to offer you the most convenient financing for your company. Plus, we stay industry-current in order to develop innovative products and services which will best help our customers achieve their goals.

1st Vehicle Source -- An example of an innovative service we introduced to meet a specific need in the auto rental and leasing industry is 1st Vehicle Source. Rising auto prices have sent many rent-a-car companies and traditional fleet users looking for low cost alternatives. 1st Vehicle Source provides such an alternative by offering an easy and reliable way for our customers to purchase previously owned vehicles through our nationwide network of sources. By providing you with a single source for your vehicle and financing needs, this creative repurchase program can reduce your holding costs and save you both time and money.

Our pledge to you
We believe that our customers deserve our very best, that superior customer service is our top priority, that people count. We pledge to give you the quality and timely service you deserve.

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