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Resident Evil 2 psx Game Reviews
Resident Evil 2
Critic Score
Metascore: 89 Metascore out of 100
User Score  
8.3 out of 10
based on 13 reviews
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based on 17 votes
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Something is desperately wrong in Raccoon City. A muta-genic virus has broken loose and the entire town is infested. Blood-thirsty zombies, hideous mutations now overwhelm the community. When Leon and Claire arrive in town, their nightmare is just beginning...Now, you control their destiny in this survival horror classic. [Capcom]

GENRE(S): Survival Horror, Adventure
RELEASE DATE: December 31, 1997

What The Critics Said

All critic scores are converted to a 100-point scale. If a critic does not indicate a score, we assign a score based on the general impression given by the text of the review. Learn more...

Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
Better graphics, imroved story, and the same basic look-out-for-the-zombies gameplay. [Nov 2001, p.51]
PSX Nation
The sequel elevates what was so great about the first one to a complete new level of terror.
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One of the most clever, crowd-pleasing, tense, dramatic, beautiful and playable games ever conceived.
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Absolute Playstation
In every conceivable category, this game outclasses and outshines its predecessor by a wide margin. Gotta love it.
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Electronic Gaming Monthly
Better than before, this sequel lets you take on Umbrella as Leon or Claire. [Jan 2004, p.189]
Resident Evil 2 should be sponsored by Huggies - it's both pant-creamingly good and trouser-soilingly scary!
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Game Revolution
Now, I hear what you're saying: "This Zombie is chewing on my foot, it deserves to be shot." But that's just the response that society has conditioned you to have. So even though this is a great game with good graphics, terrific sound, riveting action, and puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours... As a favor to our Zombie friends, do not buy this game.
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For newcomers to the series, there's never been a better time to get scared.
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Games Domain
Had the game lasted a little longer, and if the monsters had been a little more creative, this would be one of the best games ever made for the PSX.
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GMR Magazine
Zombies running amok in Raccoon City; more B-movie voice acting running amok on your speakers. Enough to fill two disks this time! [Feb 2003, p.97]
One of the most entertaining games I've ever played. With its unique camera angles, storyline, graphics, sound effects, and music, RE 2 seems more like a product out of Hollywood than the video game industry.
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All Game Guide
So, for all of it's action and nerve wracking moments, if you only play games to beat them the first time through, I'd suggest renting Resident Evil 2.
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Happy Puppy
More an interactive movie than a game, RE2 looks pretty but lacks challenge.
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What Our Users Said

Vote Now! The average user rating for this game is 8.3 (out of 10) based on 17 User Votes
Note: User votes are NOT included in the Metascore calculation.

Guillermo P. gave it a10:
It is one of the best psx games.

Jay D. gave it a0:
The original is still the best...

Gray T. gave it a10:
The best of the old generation of RE games, outshined only by the groundbreaking 4.

Naomi M. gave it a 9:
Besides Zero, which was the best one, and 3 , which is my 2nd favorite,2 is definitely great, the puzzles are fun and the characters are good. I really do like this game. I love all the RE games! Except OB.

Piranha G. gave it a 9:
Another resident evil good game. But the puzzles are so dumb and easy...

Jack M. gave it an 8:
this rating is what i've played of it. i just got a memory card (i gotta ps2) and so far its pretty impressive. i'm on the bit where u have just lowered the emergancy stairgate in the hall. the graphics are good 4 a ps1 game, and if i have given it an 8 and im so little in the game i'm sure it'll b a 10 by the end of the game.

Mike H. gave it a 10:
LOOOOOOOOOSER That anonymous person has got to be brain dead, Resident Evil two is THE BEST R.E. game next to Resident Evil Nemesis. The ranking is R.E.3, R.E.2, R.e. C.V., R.E., then Survivor!!!!! LOOOOOOOOSER!

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