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There are many things you can do to promote a responsible and effective new American policy on Iran. We also welcome your suggestions for creative citizen actions! Email info@newiranpolicy.org.

Urge your Members of Congress to support direct, unconditional, bilateral, and comprehensive talks between the governments of the United States and Iran. Meet with the staff of your Senators or Representative. As a constituent, you can get a meeting with the staff of your Member of Congress at the district office near you. Click here for a grassroots toolkit with more information on how to set up meetings. To coordinate with others in your area and for assistance, con­tact the campaign at info@newiranpolicy.org.

Several Campaign members have placed ads online and in print to raise awareness about the dangers of a U.S. military attack on Iran and to spread the message that Americans want diplomacy, not war, with Iran. For help with running an ad in your local paper, email info@newiranpolicy.org.

The letters section is one of the most-frequently read sections of the newspaper. A short, to-the-point letter that responds to something recently in the newspaper is the most likely to be printed. Click here for talking points to help with your letter.

While asking a question, you can make the point that real diplomacy is needed with Iran. Click here for several talking points that may be helpful.

Organize or attend an event on US-Iran relations in your community. Click here to view the Calendar of Events. For help with organizing a local event, including identifying speakers, contact the Campaign at info@newiranpolicy.org.