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Stanley Cup Game 2's Ratings Outdo Game 1 Figures

May 29, 2008 3:42 a.m. EST

Norman Vergara - AHN Sports Writer

Pittsburgh, PA (AHN) - The audience turnout for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals between Detroit and Pittsburgh far outdid the Game 1 results.

The Red Wings' second straight shutout win over the Penguins attracted an average of more than 2.5 million viewers, easily becoming the most watched Stanley Cup championship since 2002. That 3-0 Game 2 win also raked in a 1.9 national rating, better than the 1.8 rating that the opener got.

Only Lance Armstrong's phenomenal seventh straight Tour de France victory in 2005 had a higher rating at 2.1..

The first two games also outweighed the ratings of the 2007 finals between Anaheim and Ottawa by 27.3 percent, and the 2006 showdown between Carolina and Edmonton by 18.1 percent.

The series shifted to the Mellon Arena for Game 3 on Wednesday night, when NBC took over in the telecast chores of the Stanley Cup finals.

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