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The only portable digital x-ray systems designed by end-users.

#1 portable digital x-ray system in the world

Smith & Wesson 99 handgun taken with foX-Rayzor. Notice the bullet in the barrel.Skull with nails taken with foX-Rayzor.Radio/Tape X-Rayed for listening devices. Taken with Flat foX-17.Printed Circuit Board 600% zoom showing defect 

Vidisco has been in the business of portable and stationary X-ray imaging for over 15 years. We have developed and improved our portable and stationary X-ray product range according to your feedback and requests. 

 An unprecedented array of accessories for operators to use.

800% zoom without picture degradation.

 Smith & Wesson 99 handgun taken with foX-Rayzor. Notice the bullet in the barrel.

Superior Image quality

Aircraft Honeycomb x-ray picture

Dual Energy organic detection

Dual Energy Organic/Inorganic X-ray image of briefcase taken with Flat foX-17.

The Thinnest portable DR imager in the world

fox-rayzor super thin x-ray imager

Dynamic Range: >3500:1
Digital Conversion: >=14bit
Resolution: >3.94 lp/mm

 x-ray picture of pipe corrosion

Ruggedized  Carrying Case & Operation Platform

single carrying case for ease of deployment

Wireless data transmission.

 Wireless X-ray (WLX) Operation

Tripod mounts.

  Flat foX-17 panel on Tripod

Image Enhancement Tools:

Fuse taken with foX-Rayzor.

  • Storage, cataloging and management of hundreds of thousands of images in a visual database and management system.
  • Image enhance tools.
  • Import/export of all digital X-ray images for backup.
  • An unprecedented array of accessories for operators to use. (Wireless data transmission, trpod mounts, backpack systems, etc)
  • 800% zoom without picture degradation.

CCD based Portable X-ray systems.
foXrayII - This real-time system incorporates almost two decades of Vidisco experience and expertise in producing cutting edge X-ray equipment for the most prestigious security and industrial organizations in the NDT NDE fields.

foX Trekker Backpack Portable System.This is the only system of its kind. This miniature PC Based X-ray Inspection System fits entirely into a lightweight backpack  and includes everything needed for Army, Navy and Air force bomb detection units.

 foXray IIe This super large 22" inch has 10 bit resolution and is large enough to take X-ray images of an average sized suitcase.

Flat Panel X-ray Inspection Systems

Non-Destructive-Testing and High level IED / EOD systems.
Vidisco also manufactures a high quality 14 bit image on truly Portable Amorphous Silicon (a-Si ) Flat Panel X-ray Inspection Systems for use in the Security and NDT NDE fields.
  • The Flat foX-17. Large Imaging Area of 10" x 16" (28.4 x 40.6cm) Depth=46mm.
  • The foX-Rayzor. Imaging Area of 9" x 9" (22.2 x 22.2cm) Depth=13mm. (The thinnest digital imager ever produced)

Vidisco has revolutionized both the home-land security and NDT / NDE industries with its state-of-the-art and proprietary software and accessories that come with their range of PC Based X-ray Inspection Systems: 

We now produce a wide range of very unique and highly reliable portable X-ray products encompassing both CCD based and Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel X-ray Inspection Systems. These systems are used worldwide for an almost endless scope of duties including bomb detection and disposal, VIP protection, searches for drug & contraband smuggling, customs, forensics, and many different applications in NDT (Non-Destructive Testing).

View IED and EOD X-ray images.                                                          View NDT X-ray images.

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