Eagle Award Recognition 1998 - 2008

Since 1998 Eagle Awards have been given to leading airport operators and ANS provider organisations who demonstrated exceptional commitment to control infrastructure costs and related charges.

Eagle Award winners are selected by a neutral and independent panel of aviation industry professionals.

Eagle Award winners:

2008: Airways New Zealand, Incheon International Airport and Tampa International Airport. Press release.

2007:  DGAC Chile and Vancouver Airport Authority; honourable mentions for Austro Control and Tocumen Airport, Panama. Press release

2006: Manchester Airport; LFV of Sweden; secial recognition for EUROCONTROL’s Performance Review Commission. Press release.

2005: Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore; AirServices Australia; Brisbane International Airport.

2004: San Francisco International Airport was awarded an Eagle Award in recognition of outstanding performance in providing value for money, continuous improvement, and a high level of airline customer satisfaction.
The Eagle Award Panel chose not to award an Eagle to an Air Navigation Service provider in 2004 in view of the fact that much more still needs to be done to meet the needs of the air transport industry. However, the Panel decided to give honourable mentions to Austro Control (Austria) and the ANS Provider of the Czech Republic. Both organisations are in the process of making significant improvements on cost-efficiency.

2002 & 2003: In the light of the events of 11 September 2001 and the ongoing crisis in the airline industry, it was decided not to single out one airport and one ANS provider, but to identify those organisations that demonstrated their partnership with their customers.
2003: Athens International Airport; Melbourne Airport; Singapore Changi Airport; Airways Corporation of New Zealand; Estonian Air Navigation Services; The General Civil Aviation Authority of the United Arab Emirates
2002: The State of Hawaii Airports System; Airport Authority of Hong Kong; Cyprus Airports; Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

2001: NAV CANADA; Singapore Changi Airport

2000: DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung; Manchester Airport plc

1999: AirServices Australia; Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

1998: Irish Aviation Authority; UK BAA plc