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Item #: SCP-025

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Object SCP-025 is to be kept under routine maintenance at all times, as a house would be. Paint must be fresh on all walls, signs of decay should be eliminated as quickly and as meticulously as noticed. The interior of 025 is to be kept off-limits from all personnel below Level 3 clearance, with the obvious exception of the D-class maintenance crew, who are to be terminated frequently. New crew every 6 hours spent within the area is recommended.


SCP-025 resembles a cold, Gothic-era style inn. First discovered in 1874, the object is located in the cold Eastern Alps, atop a hill. It is unclear whether the locale itself is the enigmatic, dangerous object, or if it is the house alone. Studies point to the hill it lies on, as even the discoverer ██████ ██████ noted "The hill my colleague and I approached had an aura of tranquility to it, although just as jarring and unsettling as an abandoned sanatorium. I fear we made a poor choice in pressing onward through the storm, but I am grateful to see this inn as a welcoming overnight stay."

The inn was rediscovered by our researchers in 1935, and a facility was quickly established to house it. After numerous deaths of D-class workers occurred within the walls, it was clear that the reason this inn stayed off our radar for so long was due to its inherent volatility. To date, 21 workers have died within the walls, even though we allowed no more entry after 4 deaths. The outstanding 17 seem to have been entranced and all were seen as being very disillusioned the days before they entered the inn. The cold and dark walls of the inn seem to resonate a foreboding feeling, and none of our top researchers have wished to stay there for further study, for fear of the history of the building.

To date, no study could be achieved of the occurrences inside the inn. All forms of electronic recording devices malfunction inside, and no one has come out alive who has been there for more than 12 hours, with the longest being 11 hours 33 minutes, coming out in complete mental dysfunction.

Destruction of the area via nuclear armaments has been proposed after the numerous tragedies, but since absolutely no concrete data has been ascertained from the location, nothing has gone underway and it is likely that the inn will remain intact until that time.

Addendum: Those with Level 3 Security Clearance should see document #81-G

Document #81-G: [Maintenance and Extrication from Alpine Inn]

To proponents of entering and remaining in the inn - before you enter, it is vital that you acknowledge your complete mental clarity, and take, in addition to numerous drug and mental tests, a polygraph test 1 hour before entry. Refusal to do so will deny you access. Refusal to comply to these guidelines and continued entry to the inn will result in swift termination.

You must receive mandatory biohazard cleaning before and after your entrance, and doing so means you comply to a 3 day (minimum) study on your brain patterns, and possible signs of psychosis or dementia. Be assured this is only for your safety.

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