The Current Line  

LBW Light Hunting Rifle

Modell LBWModell LBWModell LBW

The model LBW is a light rifle in modular construction with easy caliber and barrel changing


2155 / 2165 / 2150 Repeater K98

Modell 2155

Model 2165 is a repeater based on the reliable and world famous K 98 action.




Modell Kessler

Model Kessler is a light and elegant repeater based on the K 98 action.


2185 Semi Automatic Hunting Rifle

Modell 2185

Model 2185 is a semi autmatic hunting rifle with outstanding performance. It is available with halve stock or as a full stock carbine.



2185 Semi Automatic Match-Rifle

Modell 2185 Match

Model 2185 Match / Sporter is a semi automatic precision rifle with guaranteed accuracy.



2185 Semi Automatic Tactical Precision Rifle for Police Forces


Model 2185 B is designed for special units in police and military porpuse.


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XXL Safari Rilfe


Model XXL is a heavy and elegant rifle for big hunting calibers.


VEC 91Electronic

Modell Vec91

Model VEC91 is the worldwide first hunting rifle using caseless ammunition with electrical priming produced in series.



Caseless Ammunition

Munition VEC 91

The ammunition is available in caliber 5,7 mm UCC or in caliber 6  mm UCC. The ammunition is ignited electrically. The case burnes completely in the rifle. Performance is compareable with caliber .223. Compared with conventional ammunition it weighs aproximately one thrid.





Detachable Precision- Scope Mount



Changing of Mount is possible with only one hand is designed for high demand. It is even suitable for semi automatic rifles.


Technical Data Precision Scope Mount

Safety Cocking Piece VOERE


Modell Seehuber

The Safety Cocking peice is a meaningfull accessory for ALL rifles based on K 98 actions and Remington 700. With the new accessory you can carry your rifle loaded but uncocked, which contibutes clearly to an accident avoidance.


Technical Data Safety Cocking Piece

 Triggers from VOERE
for all rifles using a K 98 housing. For hunting and sporting rifles out of our own production


for our own products as well as for foreign products


Compound for Bedding and Repairing Stocks

Demand for Gunsmiths
We cover your need for precision parts. With our modern machinery we can manufacture according to your drawing or samples.


Open Sights

Open Sights for various hunting occasions or for your special demand




Engravings for special occasions are being made in a very limited edition