January 8, 1996
Release "Seemann"
The second single from "Herzeleid" is released. The video was shot in Hamburg and directed by Lazlo Kadar.
January 19, 1996 - January 22, 1996
Concerts with Clawfinger
Rammstein support Clawfinger at three gigs in Austria and Switzerland.
January 23, 1996 - January 30, 1996
Concerts with The Ramones
Rammstein support The Ramones 8 times during their last tour "Adios Amigos" in Germany.
February 16, 1996 - March 3, 1996
German tour
Rammstein on German Tour
14 shows
Support: DJ KOM
March 27, 1996
Live on MTV
Live performance on "Hanging Out" in London.
May 2, 1996
Hong Kong
Showcase at the Polygram World Congress in Hong Kong.
May 29, 1996 - July 7, 1996
German tour
Rammstein on German Tour
21 gigs
Support: Farmer Boys (D) and Mink Stole.
July 19, 1996 - August 18, 1996
Summer festivals
August 1996
"Lost Highway"
The American director David Lynch choses two Rammstein songs for his movie "Lost Highway", namely "Heirate Mich" and "Rammstein".
Release USA: Fall '96
Release Europe: April '97
September 27, 1996
"100 Years of Rammstein" Anniversary Concert
The "anniversary" concert takes place at the Arena in Berlin. Guest are Moby, and Bobo & The Berlin Session Orchestra. For the first time, Berlin director Gert Hof is responsible for the light show.
September 29, 1996 - October 12, 1996
Tour through Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Rammstein on tour 13 gigs
Support: Secret Discovery (D)
November 1996
Production of the album "Sehnsucht"
The album "Sehnsucht" is recorded in the Temple Studios in Malta.
Producer: Rammstein and Jacob Hellner.

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