1985 : Michael co-wrote and produced the track 'Your The One' for singer Jennifer Holiday for her 'Say You Love Me' LP. Click Here to hear a short extract of this song.


1985 : Renowned guitarist Stanley Johnson officially released his LP 'Magic Touch' which contained the Michael Jackson cover ' Lady In My Life'. Click Here to hear a short extract of this song.


January, 1985 : Michael, Quincy Jones and Lionel Ritchie began work on the 'We Are The World' project. Lionel and Michael met up to try and get some lyrics down between the 15th and 23rd. Forty four recording artists took part in the event including Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen and many more. Once Michael and Lionel had completed the lyrics to the song, a demo tape was distributed to all the artists who would be taking part in the song before the final recording date. Click Here to hear the demo version of the song.

January 28, 1985 : The recording artists who are a part of the We Are The World project leave the annual American Music Award ceremony to begin recording the song. Michael was nominated for Favourite Black Male Vocalist but did not win and did not attend the event.

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February, 1985 : The Kellogs company sends out 7500 copies of its 'Taste Of Victory' promotional album to retailers in the US and Canada.

February 26, 1985 : Michael won a Grammy award for Best Home Video for the Making of Thriller VHS.

March 7, 1985 : The We Are The World single is Officially released and went on to become Gold with sales of 500,000 copies.

March 26, 1985 : Michael arrived in the UK at London's Heathrow Airport on the supersonic Concorde. Michael has a body and baggage search by custom officials.

March 27, 1985 : Michael attends a showing of the futureistic musical 'Starlight Express' at the Apollo Theatre, Vctoria, London.

March 28, 1985 : Michael attended the unveiling of his wax work at Madame Tussaud's in London.

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March 29, 1985 : Michael leaves the Montcalm Hotel for a trip to London hospital, where he viewed the skeleton of the Elephant man, John Merrick. he then went to the Marylebone Police Station for an afternoon visit, and attended the CBS reception in the evening.

March 14, 1985 : Michael receives a royalty check from Epic Records for $53 million.

May 1, 1985 : 'The Story Of We Are The World', a behind the scenes documentary on the recording session premieres on the Home Box office cable network.

May 17, 1985 : 'We Are The World' was certified Gold, Platinum, and Multi-Platinum within a month, a first in the history of the record business. 'We Are The World' was the first single to become Multi-Platinum.

July 24, 1985 : Michael began production on the short Disney feature 'Captain EO' that would later be used as a 3-D attraction at Disneyworld. (The feature is eventually premiered in November of 1986.)

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Mid August, 1985 : Michael ended negotiations to acquire the ATV catalogue that was for sale. The catalogue had over 4,000 titles featuring  songs by Sly and the family stone, Elvis and 251 songs by the Beatles. During this time, Paul McCartney was also trying to buy the collection. He did not want to pay the required $47 million price tag, even though he asked Yoko Ono to split the cost with him, $20 million each (which she later refused). Eventually Paul gave up his bid for the catalogue, resulting in Michael and Paul's relationship to deter ate.

September, 1985 : Co-written and produced by Michael and Barry Gibb and including Michael's backing vocals, Diana Ross's single 'Eaten Alive' is released.


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End of 1985 : Michael Jackson's Pets are commercially released worldwide. The possibility for a Michael Jackson's pets cartoon was discussed but was quickly disregarded.