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Kato 'spent 20 minutes choosing knives'

Tomohiro Kato, who allegedly killed seven people in an indiscriminate rampage in Akihabara, Tokyo, on Sunday, is believed to have spent about 20 minutes choosing knives at a military goods shop.

Kato reportedly confessed to the Metropolitan Police Department that he had purchased knives in Fukui Prefecture.

According to a store in Fukui, which is run by a military goods sales company in Sakai in the prefecture, a man believed to be Kato visited the shop alone at about 12:40 p.m. Friday.

He bought knives after looking around the store for about 20 minutes, store officials said.

Though Kato posted a message on a mobile phone Web site saying he had bought five knives, the shop's sales records showed that the man spent a total of 24,900 yen buying six knives, including a dagger with a 12.5-centimeter blade--the same model as the weapon used in the Akihabara frenzy--and a single-edged survival knife.

The suspect also bought a telescopic baton, according to the store. After leaving the store, the man returned to buy a pair of leather gloves, the store said. The man was quoted by a store clerk as saying he had come all the way from Shizuoka Prefecture and was originally from Aomori while showing his driver's license.

(Jun. 11, 2008)
AP News
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