Patri Friedman Centerfold

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Patri Friedman Centerfold Data Sheet

Chest: Unknown Waist: 28″ Hips: Unknown

Height: 5′ 4″ Weight: 118 lbs

Birth Date: 7 / 29 / 76 Birth Place: Blacksburg, VA

Ambitions: Make cheap, turnkey new countries on the ocean. Have at least 3 kids. Live a free and happy life.

Turn-Ons: Brains, muscled backs, blinking lights, health, competence.

Turn-Offs: Beer, cigarettes, people who don’t like children.

IQ: ~145

Political Compass Test Score: Economic: 6.00 Social: -4.92

Jungian Personality Type Test Results: ENTP (Strong NT, weak E/P)

Purity Test Score (Version & results): 500 question version, 40.4% pure.

Geek Code (Version & results):

Version: 3.1
GB/CS/M/MD d+@ s–:- a C++$ UL++$ P++ L+$ E$ W+++$ N o? K !w– !O M++ !V PS+++ PE++ Y+ PGP t+ !5- !X R* tv– b+++ DI+ !D G- e+++ h—- r+++ y+++

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  1. Posted June 13, 2008 at 1:36 pm | Permalink

    We love you Patri, baby. Stay you!

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