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UK Scandinavian Summit in Copenhagen

April 15th, 2007 - 07:43:17 by Zonka
UK Scandinavian Summit 2007

As the Gates of Vienna have reported we had a get together in Copenhagen with people from the Center for Vigilant Freedom, SIAD (Stop Islamisation of Denmark), Sverigedemokraterne, FOMI (Svenska Forum Mot Islamisering – Swedish Forum Against Islamization) as well as many bloggers including Baron Bodissey of the Gates of Vienna as one of the prominent speakers, bloggers from many anti-jihad and Islam critical blogs were present.

Unfortunately some of the more prominent guests weren’t able to show up. Paul Berlien of The Brussels Journal, Fjordman and others were unfortunately prevented from participating, although they definitely were there in spirit.

The meeting was surrounded by some level of security due to the fact that both members of SIAD and Sverigedemokraterne have been attacked by leftist estremists at some of their previous meetings, so nothing was to be said about the meeting in advance and we all met at a neutral place only to take a short walk to the final destination that was “Den Danske Kro” where we had a nice meal and some of the good Danish beer.

The whole arrangement was a smashing success, people started talking, debating and mingling from the beginning, and after the meal first Baron Bodissey made his speech, which can be found at Gates of Vienna, followed by Anders Gravers of SIAD who told about why and how SIAD was formed as a movement that weren’t satisfied by just sitting around and debating issues but wanted to engage in a policy of more action – And by playing a confrontational and provoking game engaging the established politicians, media as well as the muslim segment into acknowledging the situation as well as take a position on some of the problem issues. He also spoke about the new project SIOEStop the Islamisation of Europe, which is a pan-European organization to help stem the Islamic tide and to help national and regional anti-jihad groups in all of Europe as well as being a source of exchanging information from all over Europe and have the information translated and ready to be presented in various languages.

The last speaker was Asger a philosopher from SIAD who was connecting the dots on why we are fighting, who we are fighting and what we are fighting for, putting it into a historical perspective dating back to the ancient greek democracy, the Icelandic democracy at Altinget and the problems that our current democracy is facing, as well as defining the values that we are fighting for Freedom, Democracy and Liberty and the Rule of Law!

After the speeches the mingling debate and discussion took off in smaller groups, and everybody felt that this was only the beginning of something potentially very big. Bloggers, Politicians and Activists getting together and starting some personal relationships or at least getting to know each other, seeing ways that we can help each other. As well as bloggers using each other as soundboards for ideas and helping each other coordinating their efforts. And personally I see this as the first baby step towards a better coordination of all our efforts and building invaluable social networks between bloggers, activists and politicians as well as within the involved groups themselves. This summit in itself didn’t come out with some pompous declaration or formation of some bureacratic structure to bury the process in, but with an invigorating new sense of purpose and direction as well as a better understanding between the parties involved in this fight… And that is the most important thing and the best result that one could hope for.

I’m certain that this was only the first step and many more will follow, and I hope that others will see this summit as an example of how to get to the next level in our activism and many more such meetings of like minds can add to our strengths as well as building an organized front against the dangers to our Democracy our Liberty as well as our cultural values, that are under attack from various places.

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4 Responses to “UK Scandinavian Summit in Copenhagen”

  1. exile Says:

    Beautifully written up Kim. I’m going to link this from my post along with the “Gates”. It was great finally putting a face to the name. You are truly one of the good guys. Glad to have you as a friend.

  2. Zonka Says:

    Thanks, I’m glad to be able to put a face to a friend as well. And I have no doubt that yesterday will only be the beginning and that there will be many more meetings :)

  3. Gayle Says:

    It is very heartwarming to see people fighting back! I want to wish you much luck and success in your endeavors. May God bless you.

  4. Ralph The Infidel Says:

    Just a note from a fellow anti-Jiahdi thanking you for your report on the Counter Jihad Summit. It’s good to see recognition of the threat Islam represents to all freedom loving peoples. Good luck, and God bless you all.

    Ralph The Infidel

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