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Christmas for Families Yard Sale & Country Concert
Jim's write up for Yard Sale 2008
April 6, 2008 dj Tommy Dean's giant indoor yard sale and country music concert drew a huge crowd to the American Legion Hall, Post 207, in Trenton, Maine. Hundreds of fans filled the big hall to purchase items on display and items up for auction, then they all settled in for what was a truly exciting country music concert. The purpose of this big event was to raise money for Tommy's "Christmas for Families" charity. Over $5,100 was in hand at the end of the show. Stepping into the "Christmas for Families" spotlight were some of the very best independent country music stars in the world. Emceed by dj Bill DaButler and his wife dj Angie DaButler, the concert was kicked off by the legendary "Doc" Morrill and the Down Home Country Band. A perennial crowd pleaser in the Trenton area, "Doc" and the band were at their best today. Maine's premier country music artist, Stevie Cee and his wife, Deb, put on their usual great show. Stevie is always a crowd pleaser. His performance of "Dream,Dream,Dream" an old Everly Brothers hit, was especially heartwarming as he sang to an elderly member of the audience while she held a special pillow with Stevie's picture on it. Duets by Stevie and Deb kept everyone in attendance riveted on their own special blend of harmony and their overall "good time" feeling that they always generate when they sing together. Following Stevie and Deb to the stage was the superb performance of one of the great veteran voices in independent country music, Jose Daniels from Mississippi. Billed as the "special guest" of the day, Jose demonstrated why he is one of the most played artists on the International Indie Country Radio Network that stretches from America around the world. Singing both cover tunes and original songs, Jose was warmly received by the audience which showed its appreciation by giving him long rounds of applause. Jose brought his delightful and charming wife, Barbara, to Maine with him, and she just loved her visit to Downeast Maine. Jose was followed by Aroostook County's very own Randolph Michaud. Randy's "Classic Country Album" won a first place from the Down East Country Music Assoc. in 2007. Randy is a master at singing traditional country songs. His cover tunes of some of country's biggest hits are very popular with the DJ's on the International Indie Country Radio Network. Randy also can sing like George Jones better than George can sing like George Jones. His delivery today of some of the greatest George Jones hits was nothing short of sensational. One of the fans in the audience said to me, "If I close my eyes and just listen, I swear I'm hearing George Jones." Randy's wife, Lisa, agrees. Maine's legendary Bob Elston sang from the heart and he paid homage to Buck, Merle, Conway and other great country acts that indluenced his career. Bob is a member of the Maine Country Music Hall of Fame and a leader in the Maine country music community. Next up was Megan Burnell from the southern Maine area. Megan, a student at USM, has had several years of experience as a country music performer. She captured the crowd with several songs made popular by some of the younger country music female artists of the day. Her renditions of song hits by the likes of Leann Rimes, Miranda Lambert, & Carrie Underwood were full of energy and vocal power. It was a treat for each of us to see and hear Megan do her stuff. When the Higgins family took the stage Pard, Lisa, and daughter Katy, they proved again what a family that sings together can accomplish. Very popular in this area of the state, their harmonies and their instumental skills had every eye and ear in the place enjoying every song they played. Home town girl, Elisha Dewitt, delighted the fans with her vocal skills. It was nice to see her get a chance to perform on this American Legion Hall stage in front of so many adoring fans. Today was a great day for the "Christmas for Families" fundraiser. Thanks to all the artists who willingly and lovingly offered their time and talent to such a great cause. After the show, after all the instruments were packed away, after all the artists had left, I sat there at one of the empty tables thinking about this review. Just as I was about to get up and leave, I looked across the room, and there he was, the last person to leave, the person who puts his heart and soul into these fundraising projects year after year --dj Tommy Dean sweeping up the hard wood floor after another fabulous show. At the end of the day, at the dinner table at one of the local restaurants in town, dj Tommy Dean presented three beautifully framed "Tommy Dean Humanitarian Awards" to artists Stevie & Deb Cee, Jose Daniels, Randolph Michaud. These awards were made possible by "RhonBob Promotions" in recognition of today's recipients for their unselfish work for charitable organizations. "RhonBob Promotions" is proud to have these three recipients among the clients it serves, and "RhonBob Promotions" is proud to name it's "Humanitatian Award" after dj Tommy Dean in recognition of the many years of service he has given to the "Christmas for Families" project. It was my honor to read the words of Rhonnie Scheuerman that heaped praise on these artists as the Awards were being presented! (this review was written by Maine songwriter, Mr. Jim Flynn and we thank him for all his kind words. Please enjoy photos below on this wonderful event.)

The TeddyBear Lady set up her table to help the cause The Trenton American Legion was a packed audience Always great support from the audience Randy Michaud, Stevie Cee & Jose Daniels Emcee's Bill DaButler and his lovely wife Angie Fantastic kitchen crew serving great goodies. This is Faith, Stevie Cee's newest fan Kathy Ricker dressed up as an Easter Bunny and gave out eggs Maine Ole Opry Inductee, Mr.Bob Elston put on a great show. Deb & Stevie perform a crowd favorite, Jackson Jose Daniels & Doc Morrill Stevie & Deb are always clowning around Tommy's mom with 2 of her favorite guys Maine song writer, Mr.Jim Flynn Jose Daniels visits from Mississippi, the audience loved him Randolph Michauds George Jones tribute was a big hit Stevie on the dance floor as always. Ladies pay to dance with Stevie, more money raised for Christmas for Families Stevie's biggest little fan, Alice New fans for Stevie Cee Jose sang til The Next Teardrop Falls for these lovely ladies Steppin Out dance troupe Jose makes his point with this song. Everyone digs a little deeper to help Tommy's cause Angels Among Us brings in more dollars for Christmas For Families Alice is pretty lite on her feet, she's 83 Stevie presented Alice with a one of kind designer pillow Alice hugs her pillow as Stevie sings Dream,Dream,Dream
Jose! Where did you find that trashy woman? Jim Flynn reads congratulations from RhonBob Promotions Randy, Stevie & Jose receive Tommy Dean Humanatarian Award for their work on Christmas For Families Michaud, Cee & Daniels RhonBob Promotions Artist
Eleisha is a home town girl and did a fantastic job. Doc Morrill is a legend in Northern Maine Jose is very animated in his performances Megan Burnell, young lady with a big voice.
Bonnie Black & her son Chris, winners of the Opry Star Autographed guitar that was auctioned off The audience enjoyed the George Jones sound alike of Randolph Michaud Stevie Cee did a great job as always. Stevie practises a couple slide moves for his dancing

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