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Off On A Tangent W/Beanie Sigel

written by Jesús Triviño

Tuesday - July 13, 2004
Beanie Sigel

Did we catch the real Saddam? Are we all Muslim? Is Barney brainwashing kids? Live from house arrest, Beanie Sigel answers all these questions and more.

Beanie Sigel has been on the run for a minute now. With court case after court case, he has alluded his destiny: taking over the Roc from his BK boss. His harsh flow and nonchalant attitude have both made him a favorite among fans but too much of a menace to the average hip-hop consumer.

Now facing inevitable jail time due to gun charges, the Philly MC has been recording his third solo album, The B. Coming, under legal restrictions. Never one to hold back the truth, Beans goes from religion to family to his Michael Moore-esque notions on the Bush clique.

SOHH: After everything you've been through what do you hold as "the truth" today?

Just surviving.

SOHH: How do you survive?

Through the will of Allah.

SOHH: Were you born Muslim or did your conversion come later in life?

Yeah. I was born Muslim. Everybody was born Muslim. Yeah, everybody in general. Everybody was born Muslim it's just whoever taught you when you was coming up that's what made you change your religion. There's only one God and that God is Allah. Everybody comes from Allah so everybody Muslim whether you recognize it or not.

SOHH: What do you think of Operation Enduring Freedom? You know, Bush's grandiose idea for the U.S. to liberate another third world nation.

Bush just needs to mind his business and get out their country.

SOHH: Recently there's been a rash of criticism (Fahrenheit 9/11) aiming for Bush's head.

Yeah, get him out of here, he's a nut. The whole thing is because his pops was a nut and he wants to follow his pop. Get him out of here.

SOHH: At least they found Saddam.

Did they really find Saddam? You think that's Saddam, for real?

"Bush just needs to mind his business and get out their country." - Beanie Sigel

SOHH: Who knows with this government?

Oh, OK.

SOHH: If you were prez what would you change?

If I was president, I don't man. Y'all don't want me as president.

[Joe Pesci walks in]

What's up? How you doing? What I'm funny now? (Laughs)

SOHH: So how would you run this country?

I can't tell you because I might be running the country one day so I ain't letting out none of the secrets.

SOHH: What would you change, B?

I'm not telling you, man.

SOHH: Besides possibly living at the White House what else is on your horizon?

Right now I'm doing clothing thing and television as far as cartoons is concerned.

SOHH: Yeah, I remember seeing you showing off your drawings on TV.

I might start writing children's books. I might get into that.

SOHH: What would you be writing about?

Just real stories. Stories I think kids should know instead of being brainwashed with a purple dinosaur telling them he loves them and all that. Get that out of here. Kids are smart and I think programs like that -- some of them are educational but some of them lying to them.

SOHH: Some of them distort reality.


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