Mili Kaikkonen


imgMili is a born psychic, medium, clairvoyant and healer from a family line of seers and intuitives. She is also a meditation teacher, working with individuals and groups.

Mili believes that all of us have a wealth of wisdom within us, residing in the heart. She creates a safe and sacred space where you will be able to discover whatever is needed change and healing right now.

Mili’s focus is always on growth and love, you will be met without judgement, regardless of your situation or circumstances. Her calm and reassuring presence will help you regain focus and see the present more clearly.

'Any time that one can take just to take a look at life in a new way is precious. Mili has the gift to help me do so. In fact, I have no doubt that she has the ability to help anyone do so.'
Mark, London

Upcoming events:

Come and see Mili at the Global Fusion festival from June 20-22.  Taking place at the beautiful and sacred landscape of East Sussex, this festival provides 3 days of world music, storytelling, poetry, healing, spiritual work and much more!

Meditation classes starting soon in South-West London – please contact Mili for details.