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Idol sales slump again

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The finals provided a boost for many Idols on the chart, but now, two weeks later, the bloom is off that rose.

We've got some catching up to do in this space, so I'll give you a three-week wrap-up of sales, courtesy Nielsen SoundScan.

Here's what the figures mean in order:

This week-last week-2 weeks ago  Artist:  Sales this week Last week 2 weeks ago Total

29-19-15  Carrie (Carnival): 17,000  19,000  25,000 Total: 2.16 million

50-27-19  Jordin: 11,000  15,000  20,000  Total: 804,000

54-33-20  Daughtry: 11,000  13,000  20,000  Total: 4.10 million

84-70-64  Carrie (Hearts): 8,000  9,000  10,000  Total: 6.45 million

162-106-48  Clay: 4,000  6,000  12,000  Total: 137,000

Three-week trends for off-chart Idols follow.

Kelly (Breakaway): 2,000 this week, 2,000 last week, 3,000 two weeks ago, total: rounded off, she hits 6 million! (5.996 million, to be a little more precise, but congrats are definitely in order.)

Kellie (corrected spelling; brain blip originally): 2,000/2,300/2,600; total: 766,000

Josh: 1,600/1,800/1,900; total: 48,000

Phil: 1,400/1,900/2,500; total: 29,000

Bucky: 1,000/1,000/1,000 (Mr. Consistency); total: 346,000

Kelly (My December): 700/700/800; total: 768,000

Blake: 700/1,000/2,000; total: 298,000

Bo: 700/900/1,000; total: 56,000

Chris S.: 600/700/900; total: 6,000. (Those are SoundScan's numbers. Christian artists track some retail accounts that aren't included in SoundScan totals; according to his label, his sales altogether this week were 1,400 and his grand total is 11,000.)

Elliott: 500/600/600; total: 510,000

Mandisa: 400/400/400 (Ms. Consistency); total: 92,000. (That should be reasonably close to the grand total -- SoundScan's total is 57,000 -- for Idol's other predominantly Christian-selling artist; if a rep from Mandisa's label has other figures, I'll be glad to post them.)

Fantasia: 300/300/300 (co-Ms. Consistency); total 514,000.

Randy: 200/400/400; total: 30,000.

Clay (Thousand): 100/200/300; total 527,000.

Katharine: 100/200/200; total: 371,000.

Taylor: 100/100/100; total: 702,000.

Kimberley: 100/100/100; total: 21,000

Constantine went under the weekly total I'm authorized to quote this week, after selling 100 the previous two weeks. His total is 25,000. Ruben was under the Mendoza line (irrelevant baseball reference) for the last three weeks, and his total is 237,000. Paris is in the same boat, and her total is 22,000. I'll probably drop those two albums from this tally shortly.

Loads of download catch-up to do; that's coming next.

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