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About Torrentopia
Torrentopia is an easy-to-use bit-torrent client with some advanced features
  • Search for .torrent files in the most popular search engines
  • Fully customizable user interface, with several skins included
  • Embedded web browser with links to the best .torrent sites, you can add your own favs too
  • Create .torrent wizard to help you share your files with the rest of the community
  • Details window to know everything about your downloads
  • Powerful queue system: choose all you want to download and let it work by itself
  • Install directly in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German and French, it also includes: Polish and Dutch
Posted by Support on 2005/12/2 1:31:09 (14104 reads)

This new version fixes the main search engine that stopped working.
It also adds 2 new search engines and includes a much improved memory manager that will make the program faster.



Posted by stumm on 2005/10/2 1:31:00 (2673 reads)

Legaltorrents.com, the torrents website dedicated to delivering free and legal bittorrent downloads and recently recognized for its collaboration with Wired Magazine and the Creative Commons for distributing music from the likes of the Beastie Boys on a recent compilation - has been updated with the addition of highly seeded .torrents for the labels One and Kikapu. Vol. 1 for each label includes a large majority of their back-catalogue free for download.

Posted by Support on 2005/4/14 16:37:31 (9436 reads)

Finally you will be able to search again.
And this is the best search engine ever.
You will be able to search and browse for files.

All the small problems found so far with the program have been fixed too.


Posted by Support on 2004/12/20 2:16:03 (6068 reads)

This version comes out just when Suprnova.org is closing.
There are still 3 working search engines that you can use, plus a couple of the bigger sites were added to the Links section.

The user interface has also been worked on, now you can disable the skin and still have a nice looking XP application.

See the changelog for all the details.

Have a Merry Xmas!

Posted by Support on 2004/11/20 18:50:45 (5903 reads)

This version includes a new search engine plus a nice notification window when files arrive.
It fixes a couple of problems found also.

See the changelog for the details.

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