NEW SET PICTURES: Hugh Jackman films Second World War scenes for Wolverine

By David Bentley on Jun 12, 08 11:48 AM in Movie news


ACTOR Hugh Jackman, star of the upcoming Wolverine prequel, has been spotted on an Australian beach filming Second World War scenes for the movie.

The star took time out from filming at Blacksmiths Beach in New South Wales to meet crowds of excited fans, residents and local schoolchildren. The scenes will form part of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, released in May 2009.

Wolvset3.jpgAustralia's Lake McQuarrie News had this report and image (right) of Jackman in his soldier uniform at the beach.

The movie explores the mysterious backstory of the character prior to the three X-Men movies. Wolverine is a mutant with super-fast healing powers - his ability enabled him to survive a procedure in which the fictional, indestructible alloy adamantium was grafted to his entire skeleton, giving him retractable metal claws.

If you're wondering how the character could be around during WWII, his regenerative ability means he ages slowly and is much older than he looks.

In the comicbook version of his origin, he was born in 19th century Canada. He was called James Howlett and grew up on a mining colony in Northern Alberta, adopting the name Logan. After living in the wilderness, and then with the Blackfoot indians, where he met his lover Silver Fox, he joined a Canadian military unit.

During the Second World War (1939-1945), Logan teamed up with Captain America versus the fictional terrorist group HYDRA, and continued as a soldier-of-fortune and adventurer. He worked for the First Canadian Parachute Battalion and then became a member of a CIA taskforce of covert operatives called Team X, where he was given false memory implants. Later he was kidnapped by the clandestine government department Weapon X, where he was experimented on until being rescued.

Logan was eventually found by James and Heather Hudson, who helped him recover his humanity. He then worked for Canadian Intelligence and became Wolverine, one of Canada's first superheroes. In his first mission, he was dispatched to stop the destruction caused by a brawl between the Hulk and the Wendigo. Professor Xavier later recruited Wolverine to a new team of X-Men.

We know that the Hudsons will make an appearance in the Wolverine prequel, and with Second World War scenes now being shot, it seems they are staying close to the comicbook backstory.

The main picture at the top with Jackman posing with residents was taken by Jessica Lane, who said Jackman spent 90 minutes talking to fans and signing autographs in a break from filming. Jessica also took this set picture below, showing actors dressed as WWII troops.

Main filming on the movie wrapped last month with a 70s-themed party while all cast and crew were on set.


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RJC said:

Awesome!!! I can't wait to see this movie as Wolverine is my favorite comic book hero!!

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